Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Sports Day & A Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Monday 18th July was an interesting day... I spent the afternoon at Harry and Tom's sports day. I was in the noisy 'mums-screaming-like-a-loony' section of the crowd, and it was great for the first time to have no younger children with me that needed entertaining!
The boys had two races each. Harry came first in the running and bean-bag-on-head races, and Tom came 2nd in the running race, and second to last in the sack race!
After sports day we rushed over to Jack's school for a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, which Jack wanted us to go to. Lucy was going to meet us there too. I ended up making a huge mess, because a big container of blackcurrent squash had opened in my bag, and gone all over our picnic, and the school hall floor. After that was cleaned up (with the help of a less than impressed looking teacher), I realised Jack still hadn't turned up.  By the time Lucy arrived, Jack still wasn't there, so I went and searched round the whole school. He wasn't anywhere, so leaving Lucy to look after Tom and Harry, I drove slowly home looking for him - finally found him about 4 houses away from ours. He said he didn't want to go any more, because none of his friends were. I said he jolly well was going after all the trouble we'd been to! It was quite good when we finally got back to school - there was a magician/tricks guy who was pretty funny. What a palava though...

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