Monday, 22 November 2010

All change

Yesterday was an interesting day! Scott was released as Bishop, and our friend Matthew Wade was called as the new Bishop.
Also I got called as the Stake Young Women's President.
President Hirst came over last Sunday and spoke to us both. He had wanted to see us on Saturday night after a stake meeting, but we hadn't been able to both get there. I was AWFUL at waiting till we did see him. Think I would have developed a stomach ulcer if I had had to wait much longer!
What he said didn't come as too much of a surprise though, but the implications kept occurring to us after he left... a thousand responsibilities now suddenly gone from Scott's shoulders, Scott being around more, us all sitting together in church more, me travelling round the stake, and now being the one going off for evening meetings, Lucy coming with me and visiting all her church friends, STAKE CAMP!!, no more phone calls from Solihull or wherever telling me that a fire alarm person/electrician/boiler person needs to get into church, no church keys, no more boxes sitting in our porch full of stuff for the ward. Lots of other silly things too that don't matter much, but will just be different.
It is so nice to see Scott lighter and more here.
I also feel a bit scared. We have felt protected and looked after for so long.
As for my own calling - I am pretty nervous about doing whatever it entails, and doing it well, but I had my setting apart blessing yesterday which left us in no doubt that it is right for me to be doing it, and that I will be able to. I feel the spirit so strongly around President Hirst, and it will be good working with him, and all the other stake people. I am glad too that I get to keep working with Rachel Smith - I have been her counselor in Relief Society, and it was approved on Sunday for her to work with me now.
Scott and I had to prepare talks for yesterday. It is the first time since Scott and I were sealed in the Temple that I have seen him get emotional. His talk was partly on the responsibilities of a Bishop. I think he feels quite deeply for Matthew, and delivering such a burden onto his shoulders. Yet with it have also passed the Priesthood keys of the calling, and Scott can't now help much even if he wanted to.
So! All change in the Cryer household!

(I should also mention that Lucy and Jack were well and truly delighted that Huntingdon Ward won the roadshow on Saturday night! Scott is just delighted that it is over.)

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Another week has flown by...
Mon: Visiting teaching in the morning, then went out with one of the ladies I visiting teach in the afternoon. Taking her mind off an upcoming operation. Various after-school clubs.
Tues: My visiting teachers came in the morning, then I spent the afternoon helping a friend. Scott travelled to Birmingham for a 3 day college principals' annual thing. Lucy and Jack had roadshow rehearsals in evening.
Weds: Fairly quiet catch-up-on-housework day. Even did a bit more grouting tiles in the kitchen. Various after-school clubs (Lucy has 3 rehearsals a week for the school show, Busgy Malone.)
Thursday: Big sort out upstairs. More after-school clubs. Harry had a bad day at school, and got told off for colouring on the wooden playhouse, and also saying a swear word he picked up off another kid in the class - Harry then said it right in front of the teacher! He has had it explained to him that it is something we DO NOT SAY!! He was really upset though, and cried all the way home from school. Much cheered up by the return of Scott, along with lots of freebies from the convention. (Harry is in love with a mug that has the fastest car in the world on it.)
Friday: Righteously cleaned all the downstairs windows, and ironed. Went shopping with the kids after school to get some ingredients for Lemon Bars, and Spinach and Cheese Muffins, out the Hummingbird Bakery book. Turned out pretty yum. Jack went to Nottingham all day for a big music and folk dancing thing. Jack was picked with some friends to do Molly dancing at it - they were the only children at it, and got hugely cheered! The group also went to Sherwood Forest, and stopped off at McDonalds on the way home, and Jack said he had a BRILLIANT day!
In the evening I hosted book club, and Lucy and Scott went to the dress rehearsal for the roadshow tomorrow. Scott has even learnt some of his lines now!
Today is a wonderful lazy Saturday... absolute bliss. Everyone happy, American pancakes for breakfast, and still in my dressing gown at nearly 1pm... (and an invite for tea - hurray!)

Saturday, 13 November 2010

The last couple of weeks have been, to say the least, interesting, busy and at times very trying. The thought of writing everything is too daunting, so here are a few pictures (though they are hardly representitive!)
Found the kids taking these pictures on the webcam one day...Getting our food storage topped up. Thank goodness for Tesco home delivery.

On bonfire night Scott and I went to a business awards evening. Scott was presenting one of the awards, in his role as acting principal.
'And the winner is...'
It was quite a nice event, with nice food. Scott and I were on the table to the left of the bottom table. This picture is from a local newspaper's website, that were covering the event.
Me with Stewart White - a regional BBC news reader.

The night after bonfire night, we had a little firework party of our own. Eating hotdogs...
We bought one big firework which we saved for last. It was pretty good!Lucy did this, while I took a photo with a very slow shutter speed.
Harry's first ever go with a Sparkler.Also in the space of a week, the following things broke: Scott's iPhone (I dropped it getting out the car, and it lay in a puddle for an evening), the tumble dryer, the hand mixer, the electric kettle (I dropped that too), and my sewing machine. Obviously I have replaced the sewing machine! With a very nice new one! I love it!
I also did a craft stall of a few things I've sewn lately, and some handmade cards. It did OK - I made well over £100, and have a couple of additional orders.
Everyone is busy with clubs, roadshow rehearsals, church meetings etc. and it is hectic (especially Scott's work) but we are surviving.
I feel a bit like I have been pumelled from a few different directions lately, but it's OK, and I'm glad I have the gospel to give me perspective, and an internal happiness.

Monday, 8 November 2010


A week last Friday, Scott took the day off work, and we headed up to Yorkshire to stay with my brother John, and sis-in-law Hannah for a couple of days.
It was a lovely break - we had a great weekend, and I loved the scenery so much - just sucked it all in.
We met John in Knaresborough, where he has bought a house which he is doing up to sell. It's a gorgeous town, and we had a nice walk round, and went down by the river (had chips etc in a cafe), and then up to the castle. Beautiful autumn colours.

Later on we went for a walk to the new park not far from John's house.The kids hanging on for dear life!
John spun me round on another kind of seat thing, and I was going so fast and laughing so hard I couldn't even get the words out to tell him to stop... both hilarious and awful!
Jack on yet another nausea-making piece!
The next morning was gorgeous, and after breakfast in the biker cafe, we headed off to Brimham Rocks, driving through some wonderful scenery. The kids had a super time climbing over everything in sight, and behaved well all day.
(View from John's house:)

We had a pretty chilled out evening - the kids played on John's Playstation (or whatever it is), and we just chatted, and made paninis, and salad and fresh scones.
The next day we went to church with John & Hannah. I sat in with Harry in his class.
Afterwards we made a huge roast dinner, then headed back before the kids' bedtime.