Sunday, 29 November 2015

Josselin, and a Perfect Beach Day (20th & 21st August 2015)

We went for a walk around Josselin on Thursday 20th August (and the obligatory run up the bell tower). There were crowns and bunting hung up around the place. Mum thinks it's something to do with a Pardon at the beginning of September, but I couldn't find anything about it when I looked it up.

On Friday 21st, we had a wonderfully perfect beach day. We knew it was going to be good weather, so managed to get to the beach at Sarzeau by 10am. The car park was empty! There were a couple of people in the middle part of the beach (including a girl playing a trumpet!) but we went along the path on the left, and had that part of the beach to ourselves.

The kids picking a spot.

We had taken flippers, the noodle floats, lunch, life jackets, inflatable Ferrari, towels etc - all the usual rubbish!
The kids dumped their stuff and made straight for the sea.


Our little camp, once I had straightened it up a bit!

Lucy found a nice little crater...

Jack starting a digging project.

Tom and Harry literally spent about 5 hours playing like this in the sea! Everyone was just so happy!
I put some flippers on, and swam along the shore up to the marker stick a little way along. Really good exercise for my legs!

Jack testing the strength of the sand above his tunnel.

Joining up tunnels!

When we finally left some time after 3pm, the car park had filled up somewhat! There were queues of cars still driving into the car park. I don't understand why the French come to the beach so late in the day! I had a hard time getting along the road - the French seem to be less polite drivers - one old guy had a go at me, saying I could drive nearer my side of the road (I couldn't - there were small wooden stumps there) when all it would have taken was for him to reverse a short way and let me out, rather than force his way through. It upset me a bit, but not for long, because it was too nice a day!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Black and Whites

Preparing dinner after La Gacilly on the 19th August, I felt inspired by the black and white photography I'd seen, so while the rice was steaming (curry already in the slow cooker!) I took most of these pictures around Bel-Air.

This holiday, various objects around Bel-Air turned up with googly eyes on them!

Josselin, the next day.

First time cooking a globe artichoke on 26th... what a palava!

Hollie and Annabelle with some frozen yogurt... we were trying to use up all the left over cherry and lemon yogurts no one wanted!

La Gacilly (Wednesday 19th August 2015)

Just a couple of pictures from Monday 17th August, first...
The kids and I raked all the laurel clippings out of the dove, and loaded them into the trailer. (Not blocking the road in the least!!! I love how we treat this road as our own personal one! It's an 'event' if anyone else drives down it!)

I made a tart with apples from one of Bev's friends and blackberries I'd picked with Hollie and Annabelle up the lane.

More pics of the kids hanging out together!

On Wednesday 19th, I took the kids to the commune of La Gacilly, 35 miles away, which turns into France's largest outdoor photography festival once a year. Ken and Bev had told us about it.
We found parking, wandered into the town and started seeing photographs almost straight away. Lucy was trying to recreate a Ferris Bueller-esque scene here!

Jack and Lucy hotly debating this photo!

The place was just cool! Even the seating was cool!

Pretty view across the river to the home of Yves Rocher.

Over the river, amongst others, was a brilliant and very poignant exhibition on the theme of environmental migrants.

We then went round the 'plant maze' which had lots of snow/wildlife photography.

We carried on wandering around the town... heavenly hydrangeas...

We saw posters like this one all over Brittany this summer!

We walked back over the river and found a great spot to eat our packed lunches.

I think this is one of my favourite photos ever!! If I ever write a book, I'll probably use it as the cover!

We then walked up the hill, through the exhibition showing the average weekly food for families in different countries. The kids thought it was really interesting.

I loved the 1950's black and white exhibition (and also the street it was on!) This photo is called 'The Diver's House'.

Poor old Tom had hurt his leg, and was hobbling along - pulled something while racing Danny.

I was also really happy to find this doorway which I had seen in a picture on Pinterest!

Grapes in the street.

It was great day out!!
On the way home, we stopped off briefly in Serent, so Lucy and I could walk round the church in the centre and see the gorgeous flowers.

Back at home with the girlies!