Monday, 23 November 2015

The First Part of July 2015

On Wednesday 1st July, Harry went on a school trip for three days (two nights) to Burwell. Scott took the day off work, so we both took him to school, and waved him off on the coach.

From left to right: Thomas, Harry, Jacob, Reuben, Henry, Joseph and Dion.

It was the hottest July day on record (or something like that - very hot anyway), so Scott spent a lovely day in the garden while I got on with gloss painting the kitchen doorway, living room radiator and some skirting boards and all the downstairs toilet woodwork.
In the evening, we had a Chinese take-out which Scott, Lucy and I ate outside... lovely!! The pretty flowers were from Jessica Brewer, my American Visiting Teaching companion.

On Thursday 3rd July, Scott and I went down to London Temple. We weren't in a mad rush, so decided to take a walk round the grounds and have a meal in the canteen before doing some Temple work. I really enjoyed it this way round - it felt like one of the nicest times I've ever been to the temple.
In the evening I went to Bedford for a youth committee meeting.

On Friday 3rd July, some of Lucy's friends came over to decorate plain T-shirts they'd bought, ready for a party the next night.
They cut stencils of their names from cardboard then spray painted them with fabric paint. They didn't turn out too badly!
From left to right: Giorgia Corona (studying at their school for a year from Italy), Katie O'Grady, Lucy and Ellie Hurrell. I like how their hair is in colour order too!! They are really nice girls.

Some smoothie I enjoyed on the patio, made from freshly picked strawberries and raspberries, Saturday 4th July.

Also on Saturday, Lucy's friends came back over to get ready for the party in the evening - they wanted to plait Giorgia's hair, leave it for a while then take the plaits out so it would be wildly frizzy!

I also got the girls to help me paint a big banner I'd decided to make for a Stake Athletics competition the following Saturday, to support our ward. They didn't take much persuading, and finished the the whole thing off!

Scott got back late on Thursday 9th July - he attended a big graduation ceremony for his college in Peterborough Cathedral. He was impressed by how professional everything was, including the food, cooked by catering students.
I'd picked yet more fruit from the garden, made more smoothie, plus bought cakes from the shop, and saved some for when he got back.

Friday 10th July - new books!! I read the Liane Moriarty book in about a day, and quickly bought and read two more by her... lovely sitting in the sunshine, doing some easy reading!

Harry on the 10th, with our first ever crop of gooseberries! We ended up making gooseberry fool with them.

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