Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Well Scott took Lucy and Jack's stuff with him to work this morning, and I've just finished packing Harry and Tom's stuff in my car, so we are all set for when the kids get in from school - I'll drop Lucy and Jack off at Scott's work, and he'll drive them to his Mum and Dad's, and then I'll drive Harry and Tom to my Mum and Dad's. THANK YOU MUMS & DADS!!!
So I have today to clean the house and pack our bits and bobs. Got all the laundry finished yesterday. I am aiming to make it to Book Club tonight (seeing as the venue was changed for my sake!), and then I think John and Hannah will come fairly late-ish, to sleep over ready for our flight tomorrow.
I feel nervous. Don't like the idea of being half the world away from the kids, and don't want to fly. I didn't use to be like this - I've just turned into a worry-wart. Got to start thinking 'what the heck - this is going to be FUN!!!' I'm sure I will tomorrow.

This week's been OK - pretty quiet. Jack was ill off school one day, but is fine now.
Tom's school has given Tom an 'authorised absence' for tomorrow, but Jack's school won't! Naughty Jack! I understand why the schools are strict with holidays during school time, but still think it's a bit daft, especially when we don't take tonnes of time off, and the kids are doing so well at school anyway. Ahh well - just call us rebels :)

Harry had his Playgroup Easter party yesterday, and was about the only child who hadn't made a hat. He refused point blank to do one at home, and then sat on my knee like a lump on a stump while the parade was going on! He makes me laugh. He had a nice time for the rest of it though, and won a big easter egg for getting the highest score in the bowling with eggs competition.

Had a really nice time with the kids yesterday, even though Scott had to work late.
We're taking a laptop with us on holiday, so might put some stuff on here while we're away, depending on internet access.
Bye for now!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Well, this is going to be Grandma Asher's new home...
Poor old Grandma has got weaker this week, and really needs some help with to-ing and fro-ing in the night etc, and though Dad has been staying round at Grandma's this week to help her (while Mum has been sick), they aren't going to be able to manage the night times for ever, even if Grandma moved in with them. I was horrified at the idea of Grandma living in a nursing home when I first was told, but hearing more about her room, and the place (and that of course Grandma will still be going round Mum and Dad's most days like normal - it's less than a mile away), I've decided I would quite like to move in there too. Grandma has one of the big front rooms looking out over the fields. I can't wait to go and have a look at her new digs!
Other things this week... loved the rainbow on the way home from school on Friday - one of the strongest I've seen in ages.
Friday night I had book club - the first one without Harriet - our founding member. I was a bit worried it might fizzle out, but actually we had a great evening, and really enjoyed ourselves. I loved walking home by myself afterwards - in the cool, quiet night (it was only round the corner), clutching my new book!
Saturday morning had an early start, to make fruit salad and go to Tesco before meeting up with the activities committee at church. We got set up for the Easter Pancake Breakfast for the ward. I got to have a go making pancakes (smaller American sized ones) on elecric griddles, with Ryann and Amy - I really enjoyed it - want to get one of those griddles for us! We made hundreds, and they got guzzled by the ward, who then hunted for Easter eggs (500 of them!) hidden round the church grounds.
Lucy and her friend from church, Abigail, came home with me after, via Dunelm, where I finally got myself a new suitcase for our America trip. I'm keeping up to date with the washing and ironing, and will start packing for everyone tomorrow.
Abigail stayed overnight - she and Lucy had a girlie film night (with Scott!) while I went out to an evening at Ryann's to celebrate Anna's upcoming having-a-baby! We had the best fondue spread ever, and had a really good girlie laughing/chatting evening!
A headache I had developed into a migraine on the way home, and I had to really struggle to keep from being sick, but made it home OK. Been fighting it all day, but thank goodness for painkillers!

Here's Tom practising for being a stow-a-way...
Church was great today - I enjoyed the talks and both my lessons. Holly's on the Passover meal, and the symbolism of the Sacrament we take now, really touched me and I felt really full, and really thankful for the scriptures and for what Christ has done for us.
A pleasant afternoon (mainly - aside from one or two bust-ups!), sitting in the sun, and enjoying the daffodils and feeling peaceful. I still haven't really thought about going away this week yet - that will mean acknowledging the fact I will be away from the kids for a long time, and that I might die. I know it's much more dangerous going in a car than a plane etc etc, but I still have a need to really think about the worse that could happen during the entire trip, accept it, get over it, then think about enjoying myself! (I think Scott is booking our visit to Alcatraz as we speak!)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My friend's son Charlie had his operation today, after it got cancelled yesterday. It went well, though he still has a worrying time ahead.
Tom recovered dramatically quickly yesterday - enough to be shovelling down crumpets, chocolate cake and hot chocolate with marshmallows at tea time. I kept him off school today though just in case.
My friend Tracy also came over today, and we had a lovely relaxing chatting and pamper morning, while the kids pottered. It feels good to STOP sometimes.
Took this picture on Monday night after I had been sorting out a load of old fabric. Harry kept asking me for bits, and this is what he'd done with them... little beds for his 'ratties' etc. And we got in the garden today! Spring!

(I should also mention that last week Scott watched Twilight, and last night watched New Moon... he even asked what happens next!)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Too much nervous energy today - my thoughts are all over the place...
First off, my friend of the past 14 years (I met Ali the same time I met Scott) has her son Charlie in hospital today, for his open heart surgery. I feel jittery and ill every time I think about it, so what it is like for Ali, her husband Pete and Charlie I can't imagine. I just hope all goes wonderfully well.

It is Scott's and my 14th Anniversary today. We aren't doing anything special today - we'll leave that for America next week! I feel very lucky to have met Scott and married him. He is a rock, never getting stressed or angry or irritable (err - the opposite of me!) He is intelligent and logical and still makes me laugh a lot. I'm thankful for the happy life we lead.

Talking of America, I really feel like I need to get my head around it - we drop the kids off next Wednesday and leave first thing Thursday. I really have given it so little thought. Scott has done all the booking of things so far, with me giving the odd glance at the computer screen when he tells me to. I am going to buy myself a suitcase at some point soon.

This week is going interestingly so far. On Sunday night after a nice evening with the Chattertons, I went to sleep at about 9pm, but was woken later by Lucy who was sick a couple of times during the night, and felt really dreadful.

On Monday morning, I had a phone call at 8.15 from a Mum of one of Jack's friends, asking about the school trip that day. I had thought it was next week (inspite of it being on the calendar), so we had 5 minutes to get him a Victorian costume organised. Luckily he could just wear the Oliver Twist costume that we did for Book Week a little while ago. (He said he had a brilliant day, in a 'Victorian' school, with quills to write with and the pretend cane etc!)

I took the younger boys to school then, with the intention of trying to swap my Tuesday's Playgroup duty for a later day, so that I'd be able to go to quilting class. But somehow I'd written the wrong day on the calendar and had to do my duty that day. So I quickly popped home to make some lunch for me and Harry, and make sure Lucy was OK with being on her own all day, because I had a meeting at church straight after playgroup, to organise the church activity for Saturday. Poor old Lucy stayed in bed all of yesterday and today so far, but hasn't been sick any more.

Today I went to quilting class up at church, and learnt some good stuff about free-motion quilting. As I was leaving to go and pick up Harry though, I couldn't find my car keys, and was looking everywhere for them in all my stuff, when my mobile rang, and I managed to cut off the call (because I can't even answer a call yet on one!!!) It was Tom's school, so I rang them back, and they said he's been sick everywhere, and could I come and get him. I rang playgroup to say I'd be late, and then found my keys, thanks to Susannah, in my pocket.

I got to Harry about 15 minutes late, and he was with the leaders, crying because I was late. We then got Tom, got home and Tom was sick in the front garden. I'm sitting on the settee with him now, emptying the sick bowl as required! Poor little thing. I just hope the Jack and Harry manage to avoid it now.

At least I am pretty up to date with housework. Mainly thanks to my new toy that has made me become (nearly) house-proud! My Dyson hand-held vacuum. When our old Dyson blew up, we got a new replacement, and also this one... it is fun to use!!

This past week too, Harry has been playing with lego a lot - he is into 3 story buses:
I forgot to mention, Harry went to the Doctors again on Friday, to see how he's doing with his skin etc. and get the blood test results. Everything is OK (though our Dr. had conferred with the other Drs. about Harry's case, because it was unusual) and is being put down to a virus.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Mainly Harry

Harry seems to have had things happening... on Friday after his doctor's appointment, while we were picking up Tom from school, he fell over, hurt his foot, and couldn't walk on it whatsoever. Thankfully I was parked part of the way to school, so only had to carry him some of the way home. He was in a lot of pain with it all that day, but could hobble by Saturday. Lucy enjoyed her trip to Cambridge, and the rest of us did some shopping. Harry needed new shoes - and thanks to the Clarks sale we got some for £20 (not the £36 they should have shoes are SO expensive!!)
Harry, Lucy and I missed church again on Sunday - Lucy and I felt rubbish, but the kids had made lovely Mother's Day treats for me. Harry thankfully entertained himself pretty well - we made a little house from his shoe box, and he has been inspired by the Winter Olympics - this is him on a 'bob sleigh' (I think he means like the Skeleton event)This morning Harry had his bloods taken following the Dr. visit on Friday. There was some mix up and we were ages, then he had the numbing cream on and had to wait another half an hour for it to work. Had a chat with Dawn who was in the waiting room too. Harry was brilliant having the bloods taken - just looking at it all. I have seen my kids have millions of immunisation injections before and it's never really bothered me, but this really made me feel peculiar - I think it was the thought of him losing blood I didn't like. He had a visit to the cake shop after, and we have had a quiet lego day.

Friday, 12 March 2010

The rest of the week

After the busy weekend, various of us have been under the weather, with even Jack missing some school. I'm looking forwards to everyone feeling OK again and not dragging ourselves around. Harry's rash turned into dry skin, which has now gone all blotchy and has been peeling off in chunks, so this morning I took him to the Doctors (He's also been a bit deaf and shouting a lot.) The doctor said it looked like some disease beginning with C which I can't remember, and the only reason he's not in hospital is that he just deosn't seem ill enough to go with it! His heart and kidneys were checked and OK, now we just have to have blood tests done on Monday and another appointment. Harry got to go to the charity shop after to choose a new soft toy for being good. It was good timing because the building across the road was being demolished, so we had fun watching that. Also this week, I babysat for a friend's 2 little boys on Tuesday morning, and it was Scott's birthday on Wednesday. We made up a hamper for him, with lots of treats in, but his main present will be going to America at the end of the month. The kids had tea (Scott and I had an Indian later) and we sang to Scott and he blew out his 37 candles - creating a room full of smoke, much to the kids' amusement...
Also on Wednesday I went to my friend Harriet's farewell party, as they are moving away. She is genuinely one of the nicest people I know, and I'll miss her. She founded one of the book clubs I go to.
Yesterday we had a tree surgeon come and take a lot down from our neighbours trees that overhang. It will block a fair bit less light in the summer.

Also this week I got some quilting done, and yesterday the vacuum gave up the ghost. It was about 10 years old, so hasn't done too badly. Everything else had dropped off it long ago, so I suppose we'll go and get a new one tomorrow. Also tomorrow Lucy is off to Cambridge Uni for a sceince day.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


A few family pictures from Sunday afternoon.Harry and Adam hooked on John's i phone...
My nice sensible and calm child, with his Great-Grandma Asher.

Emma's Blessing & Lincoln

After a bad night (sharing a bed with Harry...), we all drove over to Lincoln for church, and for my niece Emma's blessing, given by Robin. The blessing and all the rest of the church meeting were lovely and there was just a lovely spirit.
Afterwards, John & Hannah, Katy, Dan, Amy and my lot went to the centre of Lincoln for a wander round. I hadn't been before, and was pretty impressed with the stonework of Lincoln Cathedral. It was beautiful weather... soaked up some blue sky.
I love these ones of Lucy in the stained glass light.
I didn't know Harry was licking the viewing mirror, till I looked at this photo after.
Back at Mum and Dad's we had a lovely feast, and the present opening, then spent a pleasant afternoon chatting, before all driving to our separate homes.

Dog Racing

On Saturday morning Harry, Lucy and I drove to Mum and Dad's house, to have The Big Birthday Celebration, and for Emma's Baby Blessing. (We were celebrating Dad, Mum, Scott, Adam, Robin, Katy and Niki's birthdays - all between the 9th and 12th, except Dad's on the 1st)

Scott, Jack and Tom were staying behind to go to Ethan's Baby Blessing, and they also went by train to London on Saturday. They went by boat to Greenwich, went on the HMS Belfast, to the Science Museum and various other places, and by all reports had a fantastic day.

After a slow journey (1 mile in 45 mins at one place), we got to Mum and Dad's, and then Lucy and I got the bus into town and did some shopping. We also went on the massive big wheel in the Market Square - which was high. I really had to not notice just how high. The view was fabulous and I was fed up about not having a camera on me!
We met up with Katy, Dan and Amy in town and then got the bus back to Mum and Dad's. Robin, Niki, Adam and Emma, John and Hannah came to Mum and Dad's too. Dad showing us his new free bus pass...
In the evening some of us went to the Greyhound racing. John suggested it because he knew it was something Dad has always wanted to do.Dad was his usual unembarrassed self - yelling his head off for his dog (or in the first place yelling 'Come on Betfred!!' ie. the sponsor's name written on all the dogs...)We didn't place any proper bets - just decided on a dog each between ourselves, and put 20p in the kitty! Lucy and I won on a dog called 'Devils Daughter'!! We stayed for about 4 races, and had a real good laugh! I got face-ache laughing so much.
John and Hannah weren't laughing quite so much afterwards though, because Dad had hidden their car at the far end of the carpark, and they thought it had been stolen...

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Book Day

Today was Book Day or something like that, and Jack was meant to go to school dressed as a book character. He thought he could only go as a character by Roald Dahl or Charles Dickens - so we chose Oliver Twist (though it turns out he could have gone as anyone from loads of different authors). Anyway, this was him, and this was also what he looked like while we went on our 6 monthly visit to the dentist this morning!
Everyone's teeth are very good, except Scott who had to have a small filling. The kids decided he shouldn't have any more 'sweetie days'. (Our kids' week goes: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sweetie-day, Sunday.)

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Lucy was off school yesterday and Monday - still not great but back at school today. She's been helping with meals still though - here's last night's pudding - sticky orange steamed pudding, with an orange sauce.

Yesterday morning I drove to playgroup and parked there, walked Tom to school nearby and Harry back to playgroup, and then walked home with a friend. She even asked if I was driving home and I said no -totally forgot I'd driven - then got home and saw there was no car there. My memory is ridiculous!

Also yesterday, Harry had his Swine Flu immunisation. I couldn't make up my mind if he should when we first got the letter, and he ended up missing that session, but they put him on this next one and I decided to go for it. It was a major improvement on Harry's last immunisation - when he lay on the waiting room floor prostrate and yelling his head off... he'd decided he would be brave this time and was - including watching the needle going in, and not a single word of complaint. He is a funny little soul. Hard to believe he starts school this year. We were looking at some older photo albums the other day and it almost got me feeling broody - being reminded how old they are all getting.

Monday, 1 March 2010


I just wanted to celebrate 60 years of the best Dad on the planet being around! These aren't exactly representative - just ones I like from my laptop..Dad's team
Dad's handiwork - the Yellow Peril
Dad's next grand handiwork... the extension! (Skip a few years!)
Dad and Mum's new toy!
Dad is always so calm and genteel... ...and he has a love of blowtorches...

All Dad's fault
A few more toys
Even later in life Dad is still acquiring new skills - conversing in fluent French with the locals!
Happy Birthday Dad - love you xxx