Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Lucy was off school yesterday and Monday - still not great but back at school today. She's been helping with meals still though - here's last night's pudding - sticky orange steamed pudding, with an orange sauce.

Yesterday morning I drove to playgroup and parked there, walked Tom to school nearby and Harry back to playgroup, and then walked home with a friend. She even asked if I was driving home and I said no -totally forgot I'd driven - then got home and saw there was no car there. My memory is ridiculous!

Also yesterday, Harry had his Swine Flu immunisation. I couldn't make up my mind if he should when we first got the letter, and he ended up missing that session, but they put him on this next one and I decided to go for it. It was a major improvement on Harry's last immunisation - when he lay on the waiting room floor prostrate and yelling his head off... he'd decided he would be brave this time and was - including watching the needle going in, and not a single word of complaint. He is a funny little soul. Hard to believe he starts school this year. We were looking at some older photo albums the other day and it almost got me feeling broody - being reminded how old they are all getting.


Anna said...

Oooh I had forgotten about the girls swine flu injections!

Juli Poulton said...

Oh Helen, that made me laugh! As we are so close I think I may end up doing that soon. Chris did pull into our old street the other week-have you ever done that out of habit?