Thursday, 11 March 2010

Dog Racing

On Saturday morning Harry, Lucy and I drove to Mum and Dad's house, to have The Big Birthday Celebration, and for Emma's Baby Blessing. (We were celebrating Dad, Mum, Scott, Adam, Robin, Katy and Niki's birthdays - all between the 9th and 12th, except Dad's on the 1st)

Scott, Jack and Tom were staying behind to go to Ethan's Baby Blessing, and they also went by train to London on Saturday. They went by boat to Greenwich, went on the HMS Belfast, to the Science Museum and various other places, and by all reports had a fantastic day.

After a slow journey (1 mile in 45 mins at one place), we got to Mum and Dad's, and then Lucy and I got the bus into town and did some shopping. We also went on the massive big wheel in the Market Square - which was high. I really had to not notice just how high. The view was fabulous and I was fed up about not having a camera on me!
We met up with Katy, Dan and Amy in town and then got the bus back to Mum and Dad's. Robin, Niki, Adam and Emma, John and Hannah came to Mum and Dad's too. Dad showing us his new free bus pass...
In the evening some of us went to the Greyhound racing. John suggested it because he knew it was something Dad has always wanted to do.Dad was his usual unembarrassed self - yelling his head off for his dog (or in the first place yelling 'Come on Betfred!!' ie. the sponsor's name written on all the dogs...)We didn't place any proper bets - just decided on a dog each between ourselves, and put 20p in the kitty! Lucy and I won on a dog called 'Devils Daughter'!! We stayed for about 4 races, and had a real good laugh! I got face-ache laughing so much.
John and Hannah weren't laughing quite so much afterwards though, because Dad had hidden their car at the far end of the carpark, and they thought it had been stolen...

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