Monday, 15 March 2010

Mainly Harry

Harry seems to have had things happening... on Friday after his doctor's appointment, while we were picking up Tom from school, he fell over, hurt his foot, and couldn't walk on it whatsoever. Thankfully I was parked part of the way to school, so only had to carry him some of the way home. He was in a lot of pain with it all that day, but could hobble by Saturday. Lucy enjoyed her trip to Cambridge, and the rest of us did some shopping. Harry needed new shoes - and thanks to the Clarks sale we got some for £20 (not the £36 they should have shoes are SO expensive!!)
Harry, Lucy and I missed church again on Sunday - Lucy and I felt rubbish, but the kids had made lovely Mother's Day treats for me. Harry thankfully entertained himself pretty well - we made a little house from his shoe box, and he has been inspired by the Winter Olympics - this is him on a 'bob sleigh' (I think he means like the Skeleton event)This morning Harry had his bloods taken following the Dr. visit on Friday. There was some mix up and we were ages, then he had the numbing cream on and had to wait another half an hour for it to work. Had a chat with Dawn who was in the waiting room too. Harry was brilliant having the bloods taken - just looking at it all. I have seen my kids have millions of immunisation injections before and it's never really bothered me, but this really made me feel peculiar - I think it was the thought of him losing blood I didn't like. He had a visit to the cake shop after, and we have had a quiet lego day.


Jo Waters said...

I like the new family picture at the top of your blog!

Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

Poor Harry. Hope you get all this sorted soon, and that the blood tests provide you with some answers.
Charlie's on the mend, I think, but he coughed himself sick again tonight, having hardly coughed at all today. Grrrr.
Take care, speak soon. xxx

johnflinn said...

I was just going to say that I like the new photo too... only because it's where I live and I took it of course!

Juli Poulton said...

I like the new picture. So your house is as healthly as mine at the minute! It's like we finally get above freezing and all the bugs come out to play. Keep plodding on I guess.