Sunday, 18 July 2010

Yet another manic week. Lots of fun things for the kids though. Jack did four performances of his play last week - he had two parts, one of which was as a photographer: I thoroughly enjoyed the play! On Friday, Harry went on a trip with his playgroup friends, and us Mums. I wasn't particularly looking forwards to it, but ended up really enjoying it - it was a total break from everything. Harry had a great time too - here he is with the woman in charge - very interested in what she's doing. I seemed to get nominated as the trip photographer too, and had fun editing the pictures and making CD's for everyone.
Harry bug hunting.
Scott was signed up to go gliding with Jack on Friday too, but it got cancelled - too windy. He took Lucy and some of the kids from church bob sleighing on Saturday though, and I took the boys all over the place, getting stuff for our summer holiday such as material and things for the house, getting Jack's ukulele (he has been having lessons at school), and Tom's long awaited Magnext set. I made some curtains in the afternoon - here they are with some bedside lamps I got for our bedroom in France. Also on Saturday I had to do circuits (for the half marathon schedule), so me and the boys went to the park, and I ran round it while they played.
Tom with his Magnext creation.
Jack with his ukulele. He was hoping to get a Union Jack one, but had to make do with red as they had none.
On Sunday, we drove to Essex for a farewell for Dean and Sam (Scott's cousins) who are emigrating to Canada. Had a lovely time with lots of Scott's family, and the kids had a great time playing with all their 2nd cousins. It was good to be able to sit back and chat, and not be having to watch kids every second. Advantages of getting older!
On Monday Tom had his school sports day. He had two races - egg & spoon, and flat race. On the way to school he was a bit glum - thinking he would come last in them. As it turned out he came first in the egg & spoon, and a very close 2nd in the flat race. Harry also had a race, and won, so they were both pretty happy! I was too busy cheering for them to get any more photos than these!Lucy also had a sports day (which she would NOT let me come to!) She was worried about it, because she had to do the 1500m, which she hasn't done before, and didn't know if she could even finish. She managed it anyway, and didn't even come last!

The kids have also all had their reports now. Am I going to be able to talk about them without being ridiculously proud....errrr, NO!!!
Lucy, Jack and Tom are all doing wonderfully well across all their subjects - with them working above the expected level for nearly everything, and lots of mention is made of all of their good attitudes - Tom for example got ticks in the 'Always tries hard' box for every one of his subjects.
Harry's wasn't exactly a report, but described where he is up to, and what he has been doing, with things like:
'When Harry was building with stickle bricks he needed to use the toilet. He was very polite when he asked an adult to look after his creation, and thanked her when he returned.'
Anyway, we are really happy with all of them and their efforts to be good kids, and the fact that they are all doing so well academically, is fantastic too.
Something that has occupied a lot of time lately is our change of plans for our summer holidays. I am now going out to France a week earlier than planned, with me driving the 3 boys. Lucy and Scott will come the next week. I am somewhat terrified of the drive - having never driven on the wrong side of the road, and having never driven further than 3 hours away before. I'll be driving for 9 hours! I'm hoping it will be good for me -having to extend myself out of my comfort zone. Our friends who are coming from America and meeting up with us in France, changed their plans too, so we have had lots of emailing back and forth trying to get sorted out. All of our kids are pen pals with each other, so it will be nice for them to meet each other! We will be there for 5 weeks now, so I am trying to organise plenty for us to do. (And with no telly, phone or computer!)
Anyway, I have bought a satnav to give me some confidence, but I accidentally left the key in the car ignition overnight, after playing with it yesterday, and so this morning I went out to drive to school, and the car battery is totally dead. I was supposed to be out all this morning doing about 10 million things, but have had to stay in, and wait for my rescue company to come and rescue me. (And we had to run all the way to school...)
Talking of running, I managed to do 3 of my 4 runs last week (Scott wasn't home for a couple of evenings last week), and on Monday night I ran 5 miles in an hour. I'm not entirely sure when I will fit in today's run now, so the run to school might have to count!
Yesterday included another trip to Dunelm for curtain poles and more housey stuff, a Relief Society meeting, quilting club, and a Teddy Bears picnic for Harry and all his playgroup friends.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Week in Pictures

Seems like we fitted lots into the rest of the week.
On Wednesday I went out for a run just before 7am (only time I could do it that day), had my hair cut (and curled by my hairdresser who likes to have a play after she's cut it!), then in the afternoon I took Harry over to the church farms to pick black currents at the Larsen's house - Linda had rung me earlier in the week to say they were ready. Harry and I picked 4.5 lb - quite a few! We also went up to the old church on the hill to watch the trains, and I wished I had my camera with me - it was such a gorgeous day. Made black current cordial when we got back, but it was a bit yuck, and we made an enormous mess everywhere.
Also on Wednesday, Scott found out that his boss has got a new job. This has big implications for him and his work place, and lots of unknowns.
In the evening Lucy and I were going back to the Larsen's house for a Relief Society and Young Women's bar-b-que, so we stopped off at the church again on the way, took pictures, and had a great time together! The bar-b-que was lovely - gorgeous surroundings and weather, and lots of good friends and food. I love it round here. This is the very first place we came to in this area - at the end of this lane is where Scott and I came for the job interview for his first proper job - the reason we moved here. It's also the lane we lived down for the whole summer I was pregnant with Lucy.Lucy and her friend Abigail, at the bar-b-que. On Thursday night I went out again, this time to one of the local village's quilting groups, for the first time. I lowered the average age quite substantially, but had a great evening chatting with everyone, and killing myself laughing at some of the ladies reminiscing about being at Aquafit in the local pool one time, and creating a tidal wave with their exercises which flooded the reception area!

On Friday Harry had another enjoyable visit to his new school, and in the afternoon, Scott rang up from work to say he was just leaving, and for us to be ready for a water fight! Jack who has been getting into origami recently, quickly made paper water bombs, and taught Lucy how to as well. They made all kinds of rules up for a game, which kept things ticking over so well they were busy till nearly bed time. Jack trying to tip a cup of water down Harry's trunks... And lastly, eating baked potatoes whilst sitting in puddles.
Friday evening I went to book club, and enjoyed walking with one friend to another friend's house in the next village, in the cooler evening air. Had a pleasant time, then strolled back at about midnight. Lovely.

Yesterday we went on a coach with some of our ward to the London Temple (actually in Surrey). I went in to do temple work, while Scott stayed with the kids, had a picnic in the beautiful grounds, and lost my camera (- later found next to a bush off round the pond... not that I was too worried - I would just have to have bought a new and far more expensive one...)
I think Lucy enjoyed hanging out with all the youth, and later buying up the contents of the Distribution Centre!Love this one of our boys.Lucy and her friend, Sophie.
After the temple trip I prepared my lesson for Relief Society today, and then went for a run. I've managed to do all 4 runs that I was supposed to do this week on my training schedule.

Today after church we just had a quiet time, and enjoyed watching a couple of DVDs that Scott's Dad gave us. Great seeing the kids as babies (very fat babies in Lucy's case!), and all our old houses. Life is going by.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Not been too well today - migraine making me sick. A nice friend from school picked up Harry from playgroup and kept him all afternoon, and then picked up Tom for me too. Tom had his school trip today - all he has told me about it was that he did some pond dipping and liked it.
A picture of Lucy I snapped the other day. She seems to have grown up so much lately. She'll soon be as tall as me (and the borrowing-clothes-from-me-thing has started now!)
We had friends over for dinner on Sunday - 14 of us altogether. Here is Harry with his best friend. Pair of monkeys the both of them!Ahhhh... brotherly and sisterly love!And Lucy came home from school today with these - she won them in an art competition (...for a drawing she did last week, which she was in tears over because it was so 'rubbish'...)

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Another warm week. Pretty busy as usual.
Here's Harry in his playgroup show being a teapot, short and stout. Scott saw the photos and asked why Harry was the only one not wearing red. That sums up Harry - of course he won't wear the playgroup uniform! It was quite frankly a miracle he took part in the show as much as he did - though he sat down, on strike for most of it. At one point he saw me with my camera and shouted loudly 'MUM - DON'T!!' (Which is actually better than what he shouted at a baptism we went to today: 'That was RUBBISH!!!') Give me strength. It's a good job he is so wonderfully sweet at other times - like giving me such carefully placed kisses over my face every morning, and asking if they were 'good sucky kisses?' Yes Harry, they were brilliant sucky kisses. Doing some painting, with Farley, his playgroup toy that he keeps for the week.
Jack had his Maths Challenge Final this week. His team didn't win, but it was a pretty good experience for him, with it being held at Duxford Imperial War Museum.
Tom has enjoyed the chicks in his classroom hatching out their eggs, and getting to hold them, this week.
Lucy is pretty busy with school work at the moment, and end of year tests. She's doing well, and is self motivated. She got the highest grade in her class, for her French test this week.
I asked Scott what I should say about him: 'Busy at work'.
I have started my training programme for the half marathon again, having done so badly up to now. I've been out jogging 4 times this week. I hope it gets easier.
Spent Monday and Tuesday using Mum's carpet cleaning machine, to get all our carpets done, ready for Mum and Dad coming on Wednesday to collect it. (I borrowed it about a year ago...) They came for a flying visit, but was nice to see them.
Helped out at playgroup on Thursday. They had asked me to do a display board with the kids... an experience involving lots of kids, lots of noise, lots of paint, bits of paper, cotton wool, and lots and lots of glue... (and lots of apologies for the vast amount of mess I made.)
Grandma Asher turned 91 this week, but has had a sick bug though, poor thing.
And finally, great news - Robin and Niki now own a new home!! Robin rang up and it was good hearing him so chuffed about it. Can't wait to go and visit.