Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Not been too well today - migraine making me sick. A nice friend from school picked up Harry from playgroup and kept him all afternoon, and then picked up Tom for me too. Tom had his school trip today - all he has told me about it was that he did some pond dipping and liked it.
A picture of Lucy I snapped the other day. She seems to have grown up so much lately. She'll soon be as tall as me (and the borrowing-clothes-from-me-thing has started now!)
We had friends over for dinner on Sunday - 14 of us altogether. Here is Harry with his best friend. Pair of monkeys the both of them!Ahhhh... brotherly and sisterly love!And Lucy came home from school today with these - she won them in an art competition (...for a drawing she did last week, which she was in tears over because it was so 'rubbish'...)

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