Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Alternative Family Portrait...


Harry is being very particular about his drinks at the moment... he wanted 4 glasses of different drinks so he could make a 'square':

Well Done Lucy

We had Lucy's year six parent's evening yesterday - she did really well.
It was basically just to tell us how she did in her mock SATs - she got all level 5's (the highest she could get), and she got the highest scores out of her class for each of her tests.
Well done Lucy!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Stuff for France

Scott and I are taking a van over to Bel-Air in a couple of weeks, so we are getting together the furniture we need for over there. We got given 2 blue settees, and 8 chairs (I've covered some of them with the same blue washable fabric as we've got for the table cloth) The rug came today (I only bought it on ebay yesterday!)
The dining room is getting pretty full!
Hope it's all looking OK John and Hannah!
Lucy says: It has been funny watching mum and dad getting new things for France. One day I'd come back from school and find a whole stack of chairs in the living room, the next day 2 sofas! After that I was a bit more involved in choosing furniture. We spent an entire afternoon going to different shops, trying to find a bed side table, or a wardrobe. Mum ws torn between 2 rugs that were almost exactly the same! In the end, she finally decided, but that goes to show how picky she is!!!

Family Home Evening & a couple of crafts

Pictures from last night's FHE. Lucy did the lesson and Tom was in charge of the activity - we played Twister! (Look at Harry!! His hair is great - click on the photo for a bigger picture) Here's a picture of our new FHE chart we made - the names change around with velcro. A couple of things I made.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

It all started off so well - we had even polished our shoes the night before... We went to Northampton chapel for Stake Conference, and before the opening hymn even started Lucy had fled to the kitchen to be sick! So we all crept straight out again and drove (the hour) back home!! Lucy's felt a bit ropey all day, but was OK to pose for our family photo session - we thought we should try and get one of all of us for the blog title thing - here it is - this is the best we could get from about 15 takes! The other picture is of Jack and Tom with our handi-work on Scott's chest of drawers. While he was having a nap, the kids and I were playing around with my cutting machine, and realised we could cut sticky-back plastic... we did a couple of other things, then decided to do something for Dad - we sneaked in and this was what he woke up to... (I had such bad face-ache from laughing so hard)


In the Christmas holidays, we went for a drive around London, to see the sights, and visited the Natural History Museum (Harry's first time). It was really lovely driving everywhere in the gorgeous clear weather (except when Harry needed a wee whilst going down the Mall, and while he was weeing in an empty bottle, the police slowly drove by, and we all thought we would get arrested...) Lucy says: It was really fun, and I saw one of the soldiers at the changing of the guards place sneeze!


In the new year we stayed over at Keely and Grant Watling's house, and then Nan and Grandad's house the next night. At Keely and Grant's the oldest 8 kids all slept together in the attic room!!!

Lucy says: It was so fun!!! Everyone was messing around, and we all got to sleep at about midnight!!! Before we got to bed, everyone went to the cinema to see Madagascar 2. The next day, we went to Kids Kingdom, a soft play centre. It was really great to see all my cousins again.

Christmas 2008

The boys and Grandad having fun with his remote controlled helicopter, and Great-Grandma Asher having a good laugh...

Christmas 2008

Hello! We have decided to start up this blog again, only this time as a family thing, so that we can share what we have been doing, with family and friends.

Over Christmas we went to Nottingham, and Scott was reunited with his BMX (which we had to leave in Nottingham when he bought it ages ago because it wouldn't fit in the car)

We all turned out to be amazingly good stunt bikers...