Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Stuff for France

Scott and I are taking a van over to Bel-Air in a couple of weeks, so we are getting together the furniture we need for over there. We got given 2 blue settees, and 8 chairs (I've covered some of them with the same blue washable fabric as we've got for the table cloth) The rug came today (I only bought it on ebay yesterday!)
The dining room is getting pretty full!
Hope it's all looking OK John and Hannah!
Lucy says: It has been funny watching mum and dad getting new things for France. One day I'd come back from school and find a whole stack of chairs in the living room, the next day 2 sofas! After that I was a bit more involved in choosing furniture. We spent an entire afternoon going to different shops, trying to find a bed side table, or a wardrobe. Mum ws torn between 2 rugs that were almost exactly the same! In the end, she finally decided, but that goes to show how picky she is!!!

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johnflinn said...

that rug came quickly! it all looks great Helen. nice one!