Sunday, 18 January 2009

It all started off so well - we had even polished our shoes the night before... We went to Northampton chapel for Stake Conference, and before the opening hymn even started Lucy had fled to the kitchen to be sick! So we all crept straight out again and drove (the hour) back home!! Lucy's felt a bit ropey all day, but was OK to pose for our family photo session - we thought we should try and get one of all of us for the blog title thing - here it is - this is the best we could get from about 15 takes! The other picture is of Jack and Tom with our handi-work on Scott's chest of drawers. While he was having a nap, the kids and I were playing around with my cutting machine, and realised we could cut sticky-back plastic... we did a couple of other things, then decided to do something for Dad - we sneaked in and this was what he woke up to... (I had such bad face-ache from laughing so hard)

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pescbrico said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures!