Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Last Week

With all the kids back at school, I got round to making some stuff to sell on ebay. I have been selling fabric squares on there for a few weeks now, and someone contacted me to ask for fabric hearts. I made some, and these have been selling too, so I decided to make some iron-on shapes as well, for applique. Here is one of my cupcake packs! I quite enjoy it, and people keep buying them, so I'll just carry on making them for the meantime.
Lucy asked me if she could order some photos to go in a frame she has, which prompted me to upload loads of pictures and get them printed out, for the kids' Baby Books. I have about 2 years worth of photos to stick in them, and about 1 year of written record. I didn't realise I had ordered quite so many photos... these are just Harry's! He had a great time laying them all out and remembering lots of good times.
Also for most of last week we have had a den taking up half the living room! (I dismantled it this morning.)
I was pretty tired by the end of the week. On Tuesday night I took the kids up to Youth, and on the drive home, the car broke down again - just stopped dead. Luckily this time it was on a quiet country road, so I was able to turn everything off, and get it restarted again. It's in the garage again today.
On Wednesday night I went to church for a Charity Quilting evening. We are making a load of little ones for the local hospital's neonatal unit.
Thursday night I had a stake meeting, where there was a lot to discuss, and got back pretty late, then on Friday, Scott had the day off work, and we had a nice quiet day, going to a farm cafe for a cooked breakfast, looking at the crocodiles, and then into town to pick out a new CD/iPod player. We haven't had a decent one for a couple of years, and I miss it. We tried out just about every one in the shop, found one we liked, then found it for £50 cheaper on Amazon, and ordered that. I think Scott really needed a day off - he's been doing a tonne of hard stuff at work for a long time.
That night I took Lucy, her school friend Georgia, and Jack to Northampton for their Deacon/Beehive activities.
On Saturday, Scott turned 39!! Lots of teasing him about being very old, then I took all the kids out to go and help clean the chapel, and to Dunelm, so Scott could enjoy some peace.
On Sunday I went to Bletchley and Milton Keynes Wards, while Scott took the kids to Huntingdon (along with my car keys - he had to drive them back home to me again - luckily I wasn't setting off till a bit later).
The Lilleys had the guys all over for dinner afterwards, and even sent Scott home with delicious plates of food for me, which I totally relished.
This coming week, the key word is IRONING... (you'll note it didn't crop up much in my description of last week.. or the week before...)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

End of Feb, Beginning of March

Poor old Harry ended up being really quite poorly, and was off school for a whole week (I think that's a new family record).
He spent most of Monday 27th vomiting, and with an extremely high temperature, and Tuesday he didn't eat anything and still had the temperature. He didn't move from the settee, and just watched film after film.
By Wednesday he was feeling more himself, but still wasn't well - well enough to be bossy and hard work though!
On Thursday a friend came and picked us up (my car was in the garage all week) and we went out for breakfast with a group of Mums, plus other kids being kept off school! (A third of Harry's class was off school, plus 19 kids in the class below.) I was SO glad to get out the house - first time that week. Harry wasn't too ill in himself, but then developed a nasty cough. On Thursday night he got about 2-3 hours sleep - I ended up settling him downstairs watching films - he just coughed permanently lying down. By Friday I was exhausted, and Harry was pretty awful - tired and bored and demanding.
Thankfully we had a nice quiet weekend (Lucy and I went to Dunelm, and I made some blackboards.)
I was looking forwards to Monday though and having a day to myself and getting the house straight, only it ended up that Lucy and Jack both had the day off school - Lucy because she was exhausted and generally ill, and Jack because he couldn't walk, due to a totally bashed up little toe - possibly broken. (He had kicked a car with a bare foot...complicated story which I still don't quite understand!) We did manage a little trip to Cath Kidston though!
Tom eating orange cake, which Harry and I made on one of his days off.
Scott and Jack hanging out. Jack is getting much more grown up, and good company. He offers to help me with jobs now, and so on.
Also on Sunday 4th March, Lucy finally finished the Young Women's Camp album which she's been working on. She is pretty pleased with it!
My message to the kids on Monday...

Flinn Family Picture

Here is one of the pictures which was taken of all of us after Roberta's Blessing, at Lincoln Chapel, 5th February 2012.