Tuesday, 13 March 2012

End of Feb, Beginning of March

Poor old Harry ended up being really quite poorly, and was off school for a whole week (I think that's a new family record).
He spent most of Monday 27th vomiting, and with an extremely high temperature, and Tuesday he didn't eat anything and still had the temperature. He didn't move from the settee, and just watched film after film.
By Wednesday he was feeling more himself, but still wasn't well - well enough to be bossy and hard work though!
On Thursday a friend came and picked us up (my car was in the garage all week) and we went out for breakfast with a group of Mums, plus other kids being kept off school! (A third of Harry's class was off school, plus 19 kids in the class below.) I was SO glad to get out the house - first time that week. Harry wasn't too ill in himself, but then developed a nasty cough. On Thursday night he got about 2-3 hours sleep - I ended up settling him downstairs watching films - he just coughed permanently lying down. By Friday I was exhausted, and Harry was pretty awful - tired and bored and demanding.
Thankfully we had a nice quiet weekend (Lucy and I went to Dunelm, and I made some blackboards.)
I was looking forwards to Monday though and having a day to myself and getting the house straight, only it ended up that Lucy and Jack both had the day off school - Lucy because she was exhausted and generally ill, and Jack because he couldn't walk, due to a totally bashed up little toe - possibly broken. (He had kicked a car with a bare foot...complicated story which I still don't quite understand!) We did manage a little trip to Cath Kidston though!
Tom eating orange cake, which Harry and I made on one of his days off.
Scott and Jack hanging out. Jack is getting much more grown up, and good company. He offers to help me with jobs now, and so on.
Also on Sunday 4th March, Lucy finally finished the Young Women's Camp album which she's been working on. She is pretty pleased with it!
My message to the kids on Monday...

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