Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Last Week

With all the kids back at school, I got round to making some stuff to sell on ebay. I have been selling fabric squares on there for a few weeks now, and someone contacted me to ask for fabric hearts. I made some, and these have been selling too, so I decided to make some iron-on shapes as well, for applique. Here is one of my cupcake packs! I quite enjoy it, and people keep buying them, so I'll just carry on making them for the meantime.
Lucy asked me if she could order some photos to go in a frame she has, which prompted me to upload loads of pictures and get them printed out, for the kids' Baby Books. I have about 2 years worth of photos to stick in them, and about 1 year of written record. I didn't realise I had ordered quite so many photos... these are just Harry's! He had a great time laying them all out and remembering lots of good times.
Also for most of last week we have had a den taking up half the living room! (I dismantled it this morning.)
I was pretty tired by the end of the week. On Tuesday night I took the kids up to Youth, and on the drive home, the car broke down again - just stopped dead. Luckily this time it was on a quiet country road, so I was able to turn everything off, and get it restarted again. It's in the garage again today.
On Wednesday night I went to church for a Charity Quilting evening. We are making a load of little ones for the local hospital's neonatal unit.
Thursday night I had a stake meeting, where there was a lot to discuss, and got back pretty late, then on Friday, Scott had the day off work, and we had a nice quiet day, going to a farm cafe for a cooked breakfast, looking at the crocodiles, and then into town to pick out a new CD/iPod player. We haven't had a decent one for a couple of years, and I miss it. We tried out just about every one in the shop, found one we liked, then found it for £50 cheaper on Amazon, and ordered that. I think Scott really needed a day off - he's been doing a tonne of hard stuff at work for a long time.
That night I took Lucy, her school friend Georgia, and Jack to Northampton for their Deacon/Beehive activities.
On Saturday, Scott turned 39!! Lots of teasing him about being very old, then I took all the kids out to go and help clean the chapel, and to Dunelm, so Scott could enjoy some peace.
On Sunday I went to Bletchley and Milton Keynes Wards, while Scott took the kids to Huntingdon (along with my car keys - he had to drive them back home to me again - luckily I wasn't setting off till a bit later).
The Lilleys had the guys all over for dinner afterwards, and even sent Scott home with delicious plates of food for me, which I totally relished.
This coming week, the key word is IRONING... (you'll note it didn't crop up much in my description of last week.. or the week before...)

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