Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The rest of March

I realised that yet again I haven't written my blog for ages, and was feeling somewhat worried that I had no memory whatsoever of the rest of what happened in March. Luckily I have my trusty wall calendar, and some pictures to hand to jog my memory.
On Mothers' Day (18th March) we went to Nottingham for church and then back to Mum and Dad's after. It was great - we we're all there! (except maybe Dan I think) I really enjoyed the talks and lesson (I missed Sunday school though, chatting to Sharon Bourne about Stake Young Womens and other stuff.) We had a great roast dinner, followed by hydrangea cupcakes which I had made for Mum for Mothers' Day. We also had the annual birthday present exchange (for the hordes of March birthdays in the family), though I did well, with an early birthday present from John and Hannah, and a very cute gingerbread man set from Robin. We travelled back home the same night.
 Robin's gingerbread men made a few days later...
Also in March, on 19th Scott and I went out for a nice meal in the evening with a few other couples of parents from Tom and Harry's school. It was very civilised and pleasant!
I also went to see Tom's school play on 22nd March. It was very sweet. Tom was a brother of David, in David and Goliath.
I finished off a couple of baby quilts, for a project for our local hospital's special care baby unit, and I carried on selling fabric squares and shapes for applique, on ebay.
On 31st March we headed back to Nottingham and stayed for the night, ready for General Conference the next day. Here's Dad showing off his grafting skills - with Bramley apple shoots grafted onto some other kind of apple tree... it looked like sticks of dynamite!
I enjoyed spending time with Robin and Niki and their kids, and loved snapping these pictures of Emma! She is so sweet and funny!

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