Saturday, 3 July 2010

Another warm week. Pretty busy as usual.
Here's Harry in his playgroup show being a teapot, short and stout. Scott saw the photos and asked why Harry was the only one not wearing red. That sums up Harry - of course he won't wear the playgroup uniform! It was quite frankly a miracle he took part in the show as much as he did - though he sat down, on strike for most of it. At one point he saw me with my camera and shouted loudly 'MUM - DON'T!!' (Which is actually better than what he shouted at a baptism we went to today: 'That was RUBBISH!!!') Give me strength. It's a good job he is so wonderfully sweet at other times - like giving me such carefully placed kisses over my face every morning, and asking if they were 'good sucky kisses?' Yes Harry, they were brilliant sucky kisses. Doing some painting, with Farley, his playgroup toy that he keeps for the week.
Jack had his Maths Challenge Final this week. His team didn't win, but it was a pretty good experience for him, with it being held at Duxford Imperial War Museum.
Tom has enjoyed the chicks in his classroom hatching out their eggs, and getting to hold them, this week.
Lucy is pretty busy with school work at the moment, and end of year tests. She's doing well, and is self motivated. She got the highest grade in her class, for her French test this week.
I asked Scott what I should say about him: 'Busy at work'.
I have started my training programme for the half marathon again, having done so badly up to now. I've been out jogging 4 times this week. I hope it gets easier.
Spent Monday and Tuesday using Mum's carpet cleaning machine, to get all our carpets done, ready for Mum and Dad coming on Wednesday to collect it. (I borrowed it about a year ago...) They came for a flying visit, but was nice to see them.
Helped out at playgroup on Thursday. They had asked me to do a display board with the kids... an experience involving lots of kids, lots of noise, lots of paint, bits of paper, cotton wool, and lots and lots of glue... (and lots of apologies for the vast amount of mess I made.)
Grandma Asher turned 91 this week, but has had a sick bug though, poor thing.
And finally, great news - Robin and Niki now own a new home!! Robin rang up and it was good hearing him so chuffed about it. Can't wait to go and visit.


Juli Poulton said...

Your week sounds a little like mine-very busy!!!

John said...

hi helen!

went to a little place near us called Grassington on saturday - it was full of bunting - you would have loved it!

check it out!/photo.php?pid=13444780&id=557225088&fbid=10150232387620089