Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My friend's son Charlie had his operation today, after it got cancelled yesterday. It went well, though he still has a worrying time ahead.
Tom recovered dramatically quickly yesterday - enough to be shovelling down crumpets, chocolate cake and hot chocolate with marshmallows at tea time. I kept him off school today though just in case.
My friend Tracy also came over today, and we had a lovely relaxing chatting and pamper morning, while the kids pottered. It feels good to STOP sometimes.
Took this picture on Monday night after I had been sorting out a load of old fabric. Harry kept asking me for bits, and this is what he'd done with them... little beds for his 'ratties' etc. And we got in the garden today! Spring!

(I should also mention that last week Scott watched Twilight, and last night watched New Moon... he even asked what happens next!)

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