Thursday, 11 March 2010

Emma's Blessing & Lincoln

After a bad night (sharing a bed with Harry...), we all drove over to Lincoln for church, and for my niece Emma's blessing, given by Robin. The blessing and all the rest of the church meeting were lovely and there was just a lovely spirit.
Afterwards, John & Hannah, Katy, Dan, Amy and my lot went to the centre of Lincoln for a wander round. I hadn't been before, and was pretty impressed with the stonework of Lincoln Cathedral. It was beautiful weather... soaked up some blue sky.
I love these ones of Lucy in the stained glass light.
I didn't know Harry was licking the viewing mirror, till I looked at this photo after.
Back at Mum and Dad's we had a lovely feast, and the present opening, then spent a pleasant afternoon chatting, before all driving to our separate homes.

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Miss Beevers said...

Gorgeous photo's, Helen!!!!! Good luck on your trip!! xx