Monday, 1 March 2010

Our Boys

Lucy was off school again today - still got a sore throat and bad stomach. I wasn't feeling too great either. Had to swap my playgroup duty, and then Harry didn't go to playgroup either - he never wants to go when someone else is off school.

We didn't go to church again yesterday - just dropped off Jack and Tom. No blizzard this week, instead we had flooding! Water was literally gushing down off the fields, and then last night Scott noticed that the tiny town next to us was in headlines in the national press because of its Flood Warning. I mentioned on Facebook that we had better stop skiving church. Or next week it will be a plague of locusts or something.

Took some pics of the boys this afternoon.
Jack. He was killing himself laughing at dinner tonight, telling us about in his maths class when his friend Richard was asked what a particular 3D shape was, and he answered 'a Toblerone'...glad he's so easily amused! (We were then trying to think of what chocolate could be used for other 3D shapes...)Serious Tom. It's good - the kids are so used to me taking photos now that they just ignore me, so I get some natural ones of them.

Harry playing with some playdough that he got given at a party. He was actually given it about 2 weeks ago, but he wouldn't use it because he said he was saving it for his kids! I offered to make him some playdough this morning, but he said - no, he'd use his kids'...

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Jo Waters said...

Beautiful pictures Helen. Was the village in the news Wistow? We drove through it on Sunday (very slowly.. hoping the water wouldn't flood the engine - I don't think I would have attempted it if I hadn't been in a very high people carrier)and most of it was underwater.