Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Well Scott took Lucy and Jack's stuff with him to work this morning, and I've just finished packing Harry and Tom's stuff in my car, so we are all set for when the kids get in from school - I'll drop Lucy and Jack off at Scott's work, and he'll drive them to his Mum and Dad's, and then I'll drive Harry and Tom to my Mum and Dad's. THANK YOU MUMS & DADS!!!
So I have today to clean the house and pack our bits and bobs. Got all the laundry finished yesterday. I am aiming to make it to Book Club tonight (seeing as the venue was changed for my sake!), and then I think John and Hannah will come fairly late-ish, to sleep over ready for our flight tomorrow.
I feel nervous. Don't like the idea of being half the world away from the kids, and don't want to fly. I didn't use to be like this - I've just turned into a worry-wart. Got to start thinking 'what the heck - this is going to be FUN!!!' I'm sure I will tomorrow.

This week's been OK - pretty quiet. Jack was ill off school one day, but is fine now.
Tom's school has given Tom an 'authorised absence' for tomorrow, but Jack's school won't! Naughty Jack! I understand why the schools are strict with holidays during school time, but still think it's a bit daft, especially when we don't take tonnes of time off, and the kids are doing so well at school anyway. Ahh well - just call us rebels :)

Harry had his Playgroup Easter party yesterday, and was about the only child who hadn't made a hat. He refused point blank to do one at home, and then sat on my knee like a lump on a stump while the parade was going on! He makes me laugh. He had a nice time for the rest of it though, and won a big easter egg for getting the highest score in the bowling with eggs competition.

Had a really nice time with the kids yesterday, even though Scott had to work late.
We're taking a laptop with us on holiday, so might put some stuff on here while we're away, depending on internet access.
Bye for now!

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