Friday, 12 March 2010

The rest of the week

After the busy weekend, various of us have been under the weather, with even Jack missing some school. I'm looking forwards to everyone feeling OK again and not dragging ourselves around. Harry's rash turned into dry skin, which has now gone all blotchy and has been peeling off in chunks, so this morning I took him to the Doctors (He's also been a bit deaf and shouting a lot.) The doctor said it looked like some disease beginning with C which I can't remember, and the only reason he's not in hospital is that he just deosn't seem ill enough to go with it! His heart and kidneys were checked and OK, now we just have to have blood tests done on Monday and another appointment. Harry got to go to the charity shop after to choose a new soft toy for being good. It was good timing because the building across the road was being demolished, so we had fun watching that. Also this week, I babysat for a friend's 2 little boys on Tuesday morning, and it was Scott's birthday on Wednesday. We made up a hamper for him, with lots of treats in, but his main present will be going to America at the end of the month. The kids had tea (Scott and I had an Indian later) and we sang to Scott and he blew out his 37 candles - creating a room full of smoke, much to the kids' amusement...
Also on Wednesday I went to my friend Harriet's farewell party, as they are moving away. She is genuinely one of the nicest people I know, and I'll miss her. She founded one of the book clubs I go to.
Yesterday we had a tree surgeon come and take a lot down from our neighbours trees that overhang. It will block a fair bit less light in the summer.

Also this week I got some quilting done, and yesterday the vacuum gave up the ghost. It was about 10 years old, so hasn't done too badly. Everything else had dropped off it long ago, so I suppose we'll go and get a new one tomorrow. Also tomorrow Lucy is off to Cambridge Uni for a sceince day.

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