Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Too much nervous energy today - my thoughts are all over the place...
First off, my friend of the past 14 years (I met Ali the same time I met Scott) has her son Charlie in hospital today, for his open heart surgery. I feel jittery and ill every time I think about it, so what it is like for Ali, her husband Pete and Charlie I can't imagine. I just hope all goes wonderfully well.

It is Scott's and my 14th Anniversary today. We aren't doing anything special today - we'll leave that for America next week! I feel very lucky to have met Scott and married him. He is a rock, never getting stressed or angry or irritable (err - the opposite of me!) He is intelligent and logical and still makes me laugh a lot. I'm thankful for the happy life we lead.

Talking of America, I really feel like I need to get my head around it - we drop the kids off next Wednesday and leave first thing Thursday. I really have given it so little thought. Scott has done all the booking of things so far, with me giving the odd glance at the computer screen when he tells me to. I am going to buy myself a suitcase at some point soon.

This week is going interestingly so far. On Sunday night after a nice evening with the Chattertons, I went to sleep at about 9pm, but was woken later by Lucy who was sick a couple of times during the night, and felt really dreadful.

On Monday morning, I had a phone call at 8.15 from a Mum of one of Jack's friends, asking about the school trip that day. I had thought it was next week (inspite of it being on the calendar), so we had 5 minutes to get him a Victorian costume organised. Luckily he could just wear the Oliver Twist costume that we did for Book Week a little while ago. (He said he had a brilliant day, in a 'Victorian' school, with quills to write with and the pretend cane etc!)

I took the younger boys to school then, with the intention of trying to swap my Tuesday's Playgroup duty for a later day, so that I'd be able to go to quilting class. But somehow I'd written the wrong day on the calendar and had to do my duty that day. So I quickly popped home to make some lunch for me and Harry, and make sure Lucy was OK with being on her own all day, because I had a meeting at church straight after playgroup, to organise the church activity for Saturday. Poor old Lucy stayed in bed all of yesterday and today so far, but hasn't been sick any more.

Today I went to quilting class up at church, and learnt some good stuff about free-motion quilting. As I was leaving to go and pick up Harry though, I couldn't find my car keys, and was looking everywhere for them in all my stuff, when my mobile rang, and I managed to cut off the call (because I can't even answer a call yet on one!!!) It was Tom's school, so I rang them back, and they said he's been sick everywhere, and could I come and get him. I rang playgroup to say I'd be late, and then found my keys, thanks to Susannah, in my pocket.

I got to Harry about 15 minutes late, and he was with the leaders, crying because I was late. We then got Tom, got home and Tom was sick in the front garden. I'm sitting on the settee with him now, emptying the sick bowl as required! Poor little thing. I just hope the Jack and Harry manage to avoid it now.

At least I am pretty up to date with housework. Mainly thanks to my new toy that has made me become (nearly) house-proud! My Dyson hand-held vacuum. When our old Dyson blew up, we got a new replacement, and also this one... it is fun to use!!

This past week too, Harry has been playing with lego a lot - he is into 3 story buses:
I forgot to mention, Harry went to the Doctors again on Friday, to see how he's doing with his skin etc. and get the blood test results. Everything is OK (though our Dr. had conferred with the other Drs. about Harry's case, because it was unusual) and is being put down to a virus.

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