Sunday, 28 March 2010

Well, this is going to be Grandma Asher's new home...
Poor old Grandma has got weaker this week, and really needs some help with to-ing and fro-ing in the night etc, and though Dad has been staying round at Grandma's this week to help her (while Mum has been sick), they aren't going to be able to manage the night times for ever, even if Grandma moved in with them. I was horrified at the idea of Grandma living in a nursing home when I first was told, but hearing more about her room, and the place (and that of course Grandma will still be going round Mum and Dad's most days like normal - it's less than a mile away), I've decided I would quite like to move in there too. Grandma has one of the big front rooms looking out over the fields. I can't wait to go and have a look at her new digs!
Other things this week... loved the rainbow on the way home from school on Friday - one of the strongest I've seen in ages.
Friday night I had book club - the first one without Harriet - our founding member. I was a bit worried it might fizzle out, but actually we had a great evening, and really enjoyed ourselves. I loved walking home by myself afterwards - in the cool, quiet night (it was only round the corner), clutching my new book!
Saturday morning had an early start, to make fruit salad and go to Tesco before meeting up with the activities committee at church. We got set up for the Easter Pancake Breakfast for the ward. I got to have a go making pancakes (smaller American sized ones) on elecric griddles, with Ryann and Amy - I really enjoyed it - want to get one of those griddles for us! We made hundreds, and they got guzzled by the ward, who then hunted for Easter eggs (500 of them!) hidden round the church grounds.
Lucy and her friend from church, Abigail, came home with me after, via Dunelm, where I finally got myself a new suitcase for our America trip. I'm keeping up to date with the washing and ironing, and will start packing for everyone tomorrow.
Abigail stayed overnight - she and Lucy had a girlie film night (with Scott!) while I went out to an evening at Ryann's to celebrate Anna's upcoming having-a-baby! We had the best fondue spread ever, and had a really good girlie laughing/chatting evening!
A headache I had developed into a migraine on the way home, and I had to really struggle to keep from being sick, but made it home OK. Been fighting it all day, but thank goodness for painkillers!

Here's Tom practising for being a stow-a-way...
Church was great today - I enjoyed the talks and both my lessons. Holly's on the Passover meal, and the symbolism of the Sacrament we take now, really touched me and I felt really full, and really thankful for the scriptures and for what Christ has done for us.
A pleasant afternoon (mainly - aside from one or two bust-ups!), sitting in the sun, and enjoying the daffodils and feeling peaceful. I still haven't really thought about going away this week yet - that will mean acknowledging the fact I will be away from the kids for a long time, and that I might die. I know it's much more dangerous going in a car than a plane etc etc, but I still have a need to really think about the worse that could happen during the entire trip, accept it, get over it, then think about enjoying myself! (I think Scott is booking our visit to Alcatraz as we speak!)

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Anna said...

I thought you went a bit quiet on our way home on Saturday - hope it's gone now! Good luck with the packing!