Saturday, 27 February 2010

On Thursday, a friend of Lucy's came round for tea and they did some homework together - designing a 'Green Town'. I'm not sure that it was meant to be this big or in model form, but they had fun doing it, and I liked the details they added.
Yesterday didn't turn out as expected.
It was going to be a quiet day, with a bit of book club book reading, and ironing.
First of all Lucy was ill (bad cold and feeling sick/dizzy), so she was off school.
Whilst dropping Harry off at playgroup I was reminded that he was meant to be going to a birthday party miles away all afternoon, so I had to make arrangements for someone to take him, because I didn't want to leave Lucy for that long.
When I got home there was a knock at the door, and it was a builder asking if he could come and start work. (I had asked him a couple of weeks ago if he could do some coving in the kitchen and bathroom, but hadn't been given a date.) So a mad scramble to clear out the kitchen etc. so he could begin straight away.
Then sorting out a present and card to take up to playgroup and see Harry off.
I tried to read my book club book then (for that evening), but the builder was pretty chatty, telling me that he would like to be in a book club himself, and also finish off writing Dickens' last book, one day.
I felt ill - same dizziness as Lucy.
Picked up Tom (Harry on scooter - me running to keep up), then picked up Jack and the two Emilys who he normally walks with, from drama club and dropped everyone home.
The builder left at 5.20pm, leaving me 40 minutes to clear everywhere up and start on dinner for the missionaries who were coming over at 6pm.
Did that, then some more last minute speed reading till the kids' bedtime.
Walked round to a friend's house, who gave me a lift to book club. (I never did finish the book in time.)
Got back at midnight after a good discussion on secularism/Islam in Turkey.
Had a natter with Scott.

Today has been pretty quiet (thank goodness). Tom went to the cinema with Shane and Dawn in the morning, and I popped out for a bit to pick up and drop off approx. 350 servings of desserts for tonight's Gold & Green Ball (VERY slowly driving round corners and over speed bumps...)

Harry and I made marble cake for tea, with ganache on top (Melted chocolate & double cream)
Here is my hole-in-the-middle cake tin. It used to be my Granny's and I remember her making marble cakes in it. The tin is one of the things I asked to keep after she had died, whilst I was pregnant with Harry.
Someone appears to have stolen my piece of cake.
Lucy and Harry this evening - Harry never changed out his pyjamas all day...Lucy is still looking a bit ill.And a quiet evening now too - Scott is bidding on surfboards on ebay and I am falling asleep...

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