Friday, 5 February 2010

Missionaries, and Olympics Here I Come! (Slight exaggeration on the second one)

The missionaries came for tea tonight, and afterwards they showed us {this} short clip. It's lovely. Lucy is at a new friend from school's house for a sleepover, but the boys enjoyed it, and Tom said to Jack after, that they should do the same to Marcel! (our Farmer-neighbour in France)
After the boys were in bed, I went for a run, and did just over 5 miles! It took 1 hour 9 mins. If my camera wasn't away at the camera hospital, I would take of photo of Scott's GPS watch thing, because I am really proud of it! I'm pretty sure it's the furthest I've run ever. The best bit was that I could have kept going a bit more, and I wasn't even out of breathe. (I know it's quite slow though.)
Scott has to work most of tomorrow, which is a bit rubbish, but Harry and I spent some time today cutting out hearts etc. on my Cricut machine, so we can all make Valentines cards.
Going to go and read 'Longitude' tucked up in bed now...

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Ryann said...

5 miles is excellent!!! And that is not so slow!! Well done!