Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Half-term so far

Valentines day was nice. We had bought the kids boxes of chocolates, which they were not expecting in the least, and they had written us this. There was such a nice atmoshere, with everyone being lovely and the kids being so sweet to each other, and taking a big valentine heart they had made to the old man across the road. It has worn off somewhat now though!As part of the 'Personal Progress' programme at church, Lucy asked if she could do the cooking for 2 weeks. We planned out the menus together on Monday and then went with the boys to get the ingredients. Two dishwasher loads yesterday, is all I'm saying! Actually, Lucy's doing a great job, and we're enjoying working together on the meals. Here are some brownies she made to take to church last night. Pancake day yesterday. I actually forgot, but the kids hadn't. Looks like Tom had a lemon juice overdose.
Jack's goal is to stay in his dressing gown all week. He has to get washed, but he's doing pretty well so far. He even wore it under his coat this morning. (It's the one Mum bought him - she should be happy it's getting such good use...)
This is the den that Lucy has been sleeping in for about the last two weeks......and this is what the living room looked like yesterday... (I'm not even going to try and bother keeping the place tidy this week!)
Scott is off work today. I did some new quilting earlier on (see craft blog) and then we went out this morning and sold our red car - it has been a good car and I am sad to see it go - though glad our driveway is a bit emptier now.
We're all enjoying watching the Winter Olympics now. (And we watched 'Cool Runnings' yesterday too, to get us in the mood!)

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poultonfamily said...

I know what you mean about keeping the place tidy-I've given up on the bedrooms.