Monday, 8 February 2010

New cameras!

I am really happy - there are two new (second-hand) cameras winging their ways towards me as we speak!
I decided it would make good sense to have a second camera (and I am getting jittery without one, while mine is being fixed...) I looked on eBay for the one I had before, but they are still £80-100ish, so I had a look for the camera I had before that, and bought one for £35. They are really great little cameras - John, Robin, me and Mum all owned one, at one point.
Anyway then I saw another one, exactly the same, but with no charger, and I bid on it and got it for £22! It seemed daft not to buy a £200+ camera for only £22! I figured the kids can use it, or I can have it as a spare spare.
I think having no camera for a week has revived my passion for taking photos!

Had a good weekend, even with Scott working on Saturday. I walked with the boys into town to get sweets, and then we made Valentine's cards. In the evening, we drove to Ikea, so Scott and I could try out mattresses. We want to get 2 new double beds - one each. Scott got up before me that morning, and it was so wonderful to be able to sprawl out how I wanted, and have all the covers. Why not have that much space each, all the time?! Our room will look a bit daft with 2 double beds next to each other, but I really don't think I mind!

Church and a quiet afternoon yesterday, and then Visiting Teaching this morning. I'm struggling a bit right now, with a pulled muscle at the back of my ribs - it's very painful to move. Scott took Tom to school for me, and I think Harry and I will have naps this afternoon. The weather is suitable for a snuggling up afternoon - freezing, with some feeble looking snow.

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