Thursday, 25 February 2010

Harry and I didn't go to church on Sunday - he was flagging, and the rash he had in the holidays has really messed up his skin - the kids were saying he looked like a zombie - flaky white skin and really red eye sockets! We drove the older kids to church though, and that was a fun trip! It was snowing quite a bit and the roads were covered - very slippery. We didn't go over 30mph the whole way.

Here is Harry a few minutes before he told me his name was now "Headband-Dan Harry Billy Bracken Jack Cryer". I can't remember the kids' normal names half the time, never mind that!

He made me laugh too, with "My poos can talk, and they make me play." ie. I don't want any more of my cereal - I'm going to the toilet now, and I'm not coming back to finish it." Hmmm. On Monday Harry was feeling a bit more lively, and we ended up having a friend round whose Mum was feeling rough. They got on with some stamping, and then saw me sewing on the machine and wanted to have a go too, so with them controlling the treddle we made them a cushion each. Talk about proud... they did not put those cushions down for the rest of the day, even on the school run to pick up their big brothers. On Tuesday I went to my second quilting class up at church - there was no power in the building, so not much sewing going on, but still plenty to learn.
In the evening the Young Men (the 12-18 yr old lads in the Youth programme from church) came over with a couple of Leaders to practise some cooking skills. We had a good time and produced some very edible food! (I showed them omelettes.)
Yesterday was a pretty quiet day and I didn't feel that great, but had a good laugh as ever at book club in the evening.
Everyone else is doing fine. Lucy hasn't been around much - she's been in her room reading the Twilight books - I think she's old enough to now. She is loving them!
Harry and Tom are keeping their room very tidy - even found the beds made this morning!! It's nice to be able to actually walk round their room, not have to jump over the piles of mess.
Jack and Scott have just been getting on with things - business as usual. Scott's been out Sunday, Tuesday, last night and tonight, but we've been having fun planning our driving route for America - think we have it sussed now, and I'm starting to get excited!
I've got to get on with some reading now, to finish my book off for my other book club tomorrow night.

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