Saturday, 13 February 2010

Pretty things

I've just been reading the book Shabby Chic Home by Rachel Ashwell, and I loved the collection of mismatched crockery she had. When Scott asked me if I would like anything in particular for a Valentine gift, I said I would like to get some. A cup/saucer/plate set arrived today (Ebay!) and I have a couple of other plates on their way. I think they are pretty. (It didn't stop Scott getting me two dozen red roses today though!) We have had some more slow cooker meals this week. I think the book I have (Hamlyn Ultimate Slow Cooker Book) is turning out to be really good! We have all liked everything so far. We had Beef with Ginger & Bay the other day, and yesterday had Bread & Butter Pudding with White Chocolate and Blueberry Coulis. It was very rich - lots of double cream/butter/chocolate etc! It used egg yolks for the custard part, so to not waste the whites, I made meringues today. Also today we've got a new potato and spinach curry. (The joy of the slow cooker is that it was all done by 10am!)
Other stuff: Jack and Tom both had parent's evening this week. They are both doing great, and doing very well across all their subjects. Proud of them all.
Scott and I ordered our two double beds.
Harry went to a birthday party today at the Leisure Centre, and had a joyful time tearing around like a loony. Unfortunately we completely forgot to take him to goodbye party last night, on the American base. It was written down and everything - my memory is just bad.
Also yesterday I did another run. I tried to go faster this time, but was dying after 20 minutes, so that was that.
Scott wants to play another game of Settlers of Catan now, so gotta go!

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poultonfamily said...

So what are you doing with your current bed you were so reluctant to change? Is it going to France?