Monday, 23 November 2015

The Stake Athletics (11th July 2015)

On Saturday 11th July it was our Stake Athletics!

The whole family went, including Lucy and Jack in their new trainers, and one hiding Harry! I actually felt quite nervous about competing!

Not many people were there for 10am - Josh Cain and Tom ran their first race (200m) on their own! More people turned up after a while, with most wards competing, but Huntingdon had the most, and we had a good time cheering every one on!

We used the poster we'd made!

Harry had said he wouldn't run, but ended up taking part.

Jack and his friends running.

I was determined to only run the 100m and 200m, because I hate longer distances, but I ended up taking part in the 800m and 1500m, purely because lots of the other 40+ women from Huntingdon were too, and were willing to mostly walk! Karen even did one of the races in her sandals, as she'd just arrived! We had quite a nice time walking round chatting away!
I came 1st in the 100m (which I was pleased about - I was really keen to give that one my best shot!) but I missed the 200m because I was talking to Suzanne Holmes, whose husband recently died. I came 4th in the 800m, and 5th in the 1500m, plus came 2nd in the Long Jump.

Scott, Lucy, Jack and Tom also took part in a variety of events. I think Scott even did the High Jump!
Here are Jack and Stephen Amos carrying Sam Waters for part of the 3000m!

Tom also took part in the 3000m.

Lucy with Bethany Doughty and Alice Freeman.

Huntingdon Ward won! We'd had a good time, and felt in a very cheerful (and worn out) mood on the way home! We stopped off at McDonalds for tea.

At home I had time to get ready, then head out again to pick Donna up on the way to Kat's 40th Birthday party.
It was a lovely evening, with some of the other school Mums. Kat had put out big tables in the garden, with loads of candles everywhere, and there was a gazebo with lots of delicious food laid out for us.
Kat has an incredibly long garden with a gate at the bottom leading out into the fields, so some of us went for a little explore down there!

Becky Wakefield and I had a good chat during the evening.

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