Thursday, 19 November 2015

A Visit from Katy and Dan (Sunday 31st May 2015)

Sunday 31st May was a bit of an emotional roller coaster!
I set off early on Sunday morning to go to Duston Ward for church, and pick up Lucy. On the way, I got pulled over by a Police car for speeding through a temporary speed limit which was set up for some road works. I was totally in the wrong (though had judged it safe, as the road works were finished), and felt strangely calm when the Policeman was talking to me - I made a decision then and there to never speed again, and apart from the odd unintentional slightly slipping over a speed limit, I haven't. It has actually felt like a blessing in some ways because I have felt more relaxed and laid back. 
Anyway, I got to church late (told Lucy and Ben why - they were scandalised!) Church was nice - Hannah and Leah were there, so we had a good chat, and I also had a good long talk with Emma Corre, my counsellor, who is wonderful.
It was good talking to Lucy on the way home - she'd had a great time at The Lamb of God the night before.
At home I started getting sorted out for dinner, and Katy, Dan and the kids arrived not long after.
I'd put pork in the slow cooker in the morning, and just had to do some veg. I made a massive pile of brownies for pudding, which Joseph enjoyed licking the mixing paddle of!

Katy and Dan had bought me birthday presents from the Netherlands, including these lovely 'Kwink Slag' chocolate sprinkles!!

The kids all had a great time playing together...

Katy and Dan had been to some art galleries in the Netherlands, including the Kröller-Müller Museum, which houses Van Gogh's Cafe Terrace at Night. Katy knows it's one of my favourite paintings, and took a picture of it.


Katy and Dan were stopping off on their way home, so still had all their stuff with them!

In the evening, I had a really good long chat on the phone with John.
A crazy day (especially as we only got back from holiday the day before!), filled with lots of good people who I'm glad to have in my life.

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