Saturday, 13 November 2010

The last couple of weeks have been, to say the least, interesting, busy and at times very trying. The thought of writing everything is too daunting, so here are a few pictures (though they are hardly representitive!)
Found the kids taking these pictures on the webcam one day...Getting our food storage topped up. Thank goodness for Tesco home delivery.

On bonfire night Scott and I went to a business awards evening. Scott was presenting one of the awards, in his role as acting principal.
'And the winner is...'
It was quite a nice event, with nice food. Scott and I were on the table to the left of the bottom table. This picture is from a local newspaper's website, that were covering the event.
Me with Stewart White - a regional BBC news reader.

The night after bonfire night, we had a little firework party of our own. Eating hotdogs...
We bought one big firework which we saved for last. It was pretty good!Lucy did this, while I took a photo with a very slow shutter speed.
Harry's first ever go with a Sparkler.Also in the space of a week, the following things broke: Scott's iPhone (I dropped it getting out the car, and it lay in a puddle for an evening), the tumble dryer, the hand mixer, the electric kettle (I dropped that too), and my sewing machine. Obviously I have replaced the sewing machine! With a very nice new one! I love it!
I also did a craft stall of a few things I've sewn lately, and some handmade cards. It did OK - I made well over £100, and have a couple of additional orders.
Everyone is busy with clubs, roadshow rehearsals, church meetings etc. and it is hectic (especially Scott's work) but we are surviving.
I feel a bit like I have been pumelled from a few different directions lately, but it's OK, and I'm glad I have the gospel to give me perspective, and an internal happiness.


johnflinn said...

Maybe you need another Yorkshire holiday soon!

kimara said...

Looks like fun! All those bags are amazing and you look beautiful as usual.