Monday, 22 November 2010

All change

Yesterday was an interesting day! Scott was released as Bishop, and our friend Matthew Wade was called as the new Bishop.
Also I got called as the Stake Young Women's President.
President Hirst came over last Sunday and spoke to us both. He had wanted to see us on Saturday night after a stake meeting, but we hadn't been able to both get there. I was AWFUL at waiting till we did see him. Think I would have developed a stomach ulcer if I had had to wait much longer!
What he said didn't come as too much of a surprise though, but the implications kept occurring to us after he left... a thousand responsibilities now suddenly gone from Scott's shoulders, Scott being around more, us all sitting together in church more, me travelling round the stake, and now being the one going off for evening meetings, Lucy coming with me and visiting all her church friends, STAKE CAMP!!, no more phone calls from Solihull or wherever telling me that a fire alarm person/electrician/boiler person needs to get into church, no church keys, no more boxes sitting in our porch full of stuff for the ward. Lots of other silly things too that don't matter much, but will just be different.
It is so nice to see Scott lighter and more here.
I also feel a bit scared. We have felt protected and looked after for so long.
As for my own calling - I am pretty nervous about doing whatever it entails, and doing it well, but I had my setting apart blessing yesterday which left us in no doubt that it is right for me to be doing it, and that I will be able to. I feel the spirit so strongly around President Hirst, and it will be good working with him, and all the other stake people. I am glad too that I get to keep working with Rachel Smith - I have been her counselor in Relief Society, and it was approved on Sunday for her to work with me now.
Scott and I had to prepare talks for yesterday. It is the first time since Scott and I were sealed in the Temple that I have seen him get emotional. His talk was partly on the responsibilities of a Bishop. I think he feels quite deeply for Matthew, and delivering such a burden onto his shoulders. Yet with it have also passed the Priesthood keys of the calling, and Scott can't now help much even if he wanted to.
So! All change in the Cryer household!

(I should also mention that Lucy and Jack were well and truly delighted that Huntingdon Ward won the roadshow on Saturday night! Scott is just delighted that it is over.)

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Ryann said...

I bet things will be so different for you guys now. I was thinking that it will be so nice for Scott to be able to sit with you in sacrament meeting now! And yet how strange! You will be amazing in your new calling I am sure of it!