Sunday, 2 October 2011

Paris (Day 3)

On Sunday 12th June, we went to church in the morning - there was a separate room, with a TV link, and English interpreters. After church we went for a wander to the grand Town Hall, where we did a photo shoot - me taking photos of Rebekah with her amazing camera, with Katherine as artistic director...
One of my pictures of Rebekah
We also went for a walk to Notre Dame. Rebekah and Katherine went inside, but I stayed out, sitting in the square watching the world go by.
We headed back to our hotel for a rest, then set out again later, to go up the Arc de Triomphe (one of my favourite places to be - I could look at the views for hours.) Rebekah did well considering her fear of heights!
We then went to the Eiffel Tower, and had fun taking daft photos...

All three of us in the same picture!
After that we went to a lovely restaurant nearby, and had a great meal, while talking about anything and everything (definitely an eye-opener into Single Adult life to say the least...) We again left a restaurant in slightly less than elegant circumstances - we paid by card, but had literally no change for a tip, and there was no option for adding it to the credit card bill. We felt really bad, so decided to leave quickly, but our get-away this time was hampered by one of the waiters hanging on Rebekah (she had got chatting to him while waiting for the toilets), and lamenting he would never see her again etc... We are such classy women!

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