Saturday, 1 October 2011

Paris (Day 2)

On Saturday 11th June, Katherine, Rebekah and I caught a train to Versailles. Rebekah had pre-booked this weeks before, and I hadn't really given it a whole lot of thought... I am SO glad we went though! It is truly an amazing place! (I didn't take any pictures this day - these are a mixture of Katherine's and Rebekah's - hugely annoyingly, my camera started playing up, and I didn't bother bringing it.)
A chapel in the palace.
Katherine and I in the Hall of Mirrors... we both read the 'Mobile Thrones' sign as 'Mobile Phones'...
After the wonders of the palace, we thought we'd have a quick wonder around the gardens... only to emerge 6 HOURS later! They were fantastic and hugely varied.
For lunch we had beautiful little quiches and the best chocolate cornflake cakes known to man, which we had purchased at a little shop that morning.
Rebekah and I posing by the 'curly chips'...
 We all love Marie Antoinette's Summer House. I think this was my favourite room of all.
And then there were the ridiculously cute cottages with their perfect vegetable and flower gardens!
We also spent some time just chilling in the 'English (ie. slightly scruffier than the rest of the place) Gardens'
Travelling back in Paris on our 'ghetto line'
We stopped off at a restaurant on the way back to our hotel, for a delicious meal, and the richest chocolate dessert I've ever experienced. We thought it would be nice to leave our waiter a church pass-along card, but then got nervous and legged it out the restaurant before he came back and saw it. Running across the pedestrian crossing, Rebekah did something to her leg, and continued to hobble as fast as possible from the crime scene, with Katherine and I killing ourselves laughing - feeling like a bunch of daft school girls... we then had to run (and hobble) for our metro train. I will never forget the expression of one Parisian gentleman as he watched Rebekah bandy-leggedly hobbling as fast as she could, whilst dying laughing, up the metro steps... it was priceless, and by the time we all collasped onto the train we couldn't speak for laughter and had tears streaming down our faces. What the other passengers thought, I have no idea... Who knew the fun you could have with pass-along cards?
Katherine and Rebekah, exhausted after Versailles and the six flights...

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