Monday, 10 October 2011

Last Day of Camp

On Friday the 5th, we went to The Heights of Abraham - a cable car system, with park, caves and centre at the top. Some of the girls drove, and the rest of us die-hards went by foot with Jim. Bearing in mind we were only camped about a mile away, it took us an hour and a half - I think Jim took us the scenic way (ie. to nearly the top of the hill with Riber Castle on it, and down again!) Anyway, we made it, and had fun going up in the cable cars.
View from cable car - it was pretty high up...
On the tour, down in the caverns.
View from The Heights of Abraham, over to Riber Castle (and the hill we walked up on the way!)
After The Heights of Abraham, we all waited in the car park of Matlock Bath train station, and got driven back to our site in shifts. We packed up camp when we got back (I was rushing round like a loony, and some of the girls were so sweet, and packed up all my own stuff, and took my tent down for me - I was really touched), then we had an award ceremony, and bid fond farewells to everyone. 
I was so glad to have had the opportunity to get to know the girls better, and also the leaders who came. It was a really special time, and the thing that was really nice for me, was that I had a few leaders say they had been reluctant to come beforehand, but had ended up loving it so much, that they volunteered to come again and help next year! 
Lucy, Jim and I stayed on till the last, checking the whole site, and clearing up. Lucy and I finally left at 7pm, and drove the two hours home. I was a strange mixture of completely exhausted and euphoric! Lucy too had really loved being with all her friends and had a good week.
My poor leg after camp...swelling gone down, but somewhat bruised and sore!

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