Sunday, 2 October 2011

Paris (Day 4)

Monday 13th June - our last day in Paris. After another buffet breakfast at our hotel,we went by Metro to the Louvre, though decided not to go inside - had a play in the water outside instead.
We then headed down in the direction of Place de la Concorde, and stopped off by one of the large fountains to enjoy some very fine icecream.
After that, we went by Metro again to the Paris Opera House. Oh my goodness. What an incredible place. Here I am on one the wonderful stair cases. My great-great grandparents met at the Paris Opera House - her locket broke as she was walking up the stairs, he picked it up for her and that was it. They did some of their courting at Versailles.
Inside the opera (no phantoms spotted.)
View from the balcony of the Opera House. Katherine and I wondered how many tourists photos we ruined by standing in the centre of the balcony and waving for ages!
After that we went to Pere Lachaise cemetery - another incredible place - avenue after avenue of scary looking mini-mausoleum things. It was fascinating.
 (We may not have been totally respectful of the dead at all times, I'm afraid...)
 Oscar Wilde's grave.
From the cemetery, we popped back to our hotel for a last time to pick up our cases, then headed for the Eurostar station, and our train home. Everything went smoothly, with Katherine and I driving back from Rebekah's later that evening. It was a wonderful weekend, full of tonnes of laughter and beautiful sights.

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