Saturday, 29 October 2011

Off to France

After Camp, Lucy and I had a fairly quiet weekend, recovering from camp, going to church, getting all our stuff washed, and repacked for going to France (As well as hand luggage, we only had one case between us, and it started off weighing about double what it should - we had to do a major chucking out of stuff to take!)
On Monday 8th August, Lucy and I set off to Stanstead airport. Scott had pre-booked the car park, and tickets etc for us, and everything went smoothly, though we had quite a long to wait, wanting to be on the safe side. This was Lucy's first ever flight. On the flight, I was sitting next to a guy to who had just qualified as a lawyer, and we had a really good conversation about the church. Lucy seemed quite happy with her first experience of flying. I'm not so keen, and have to distract myself from thinking about it.
We got through Dinard Airport pretty quickly - we could see the boys through a little window, while we were waiting for our case. It was nice to all be together again, and driving back to Bel-Air.

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