Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Other things in July

July was as busy as usual, with various school trips, Monk day at school (where Tom dressed as a monk, and I went in to help do calligraphy and painting etc.), family trip to the London Temple, helping out with the Friends of the School association BBQ, making posters, quilting class, book clubs, Scott working late with Governors' Meetings, the dentist, a lovely 'Ladies Who Lunch' day trip to Ely (me and group of Mums from the school seem to have created this group!), a couple of parties for the kids, a farewell party for our church friends the Murphys who left to go back to America (Bye-bye Ryann!!!), and other bits and bobs...oh, including planning a camp in Derbyshire for 70 or so people! I felt pretty stressed towards the end of July - mainly because of the camp.
In the last week of July - the first week of the summer holidays, Jack went to summer school at his new secondary school for three days, and Harry and Tom went to a local church-run activity thing every afternoon, called Jump. They all loved it, and had a good, happy week. The picture is of Harry with one of the things he made at Jump. 
On Saturday 30th July, Lucy and I waved goodbye to Scott and the boys, who set off to France, via a couple of nights with Scott's Mum & Dad, Stone Henge, and Longleat Safari Park!

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Ryann said...

I feel so special to have been mentioned:) Glad to see you are blogging again!