Saturday, 29 October 2011

Back with the Boys (Lucy's and my first week in France)

When Lucy and I arrived at Bel-Air, we spent  a couple of days just chilling out around the house, and enjoying all the newly done bits of it, such as Dad's work on the patio round the back, and Ken's finished shed...
...and Dad's newly made table and benches (made from wood that was being chucked out when Nottingham 1st Ward's chapel was being refurbished!) Also, all the new pointing in the brekkie room.
We dragged out the old rusting motorbike which Ken had suggested might feature in a gate (for the back garden) made from scrap metal. Dad hoisted it up on display! (Some of us are slightly less keen on the scrap-metal-gate-idea, it has to be said...)
Me enjoying the new patio! It feels very Mediterranean!
Lucy messing around on Dad's latest toy - a unicycle!
Scott doing the puzzle with the evil sky (nobly completed later by Mum)
On Thursday 11th August we set out to complete Task One of the treasure hunt devised by my brother-in-law Dan. He spent ages planning it all out for us, after spending time out here just before us. We followed some directions using our compass, (cycling miles - Harry and Tom did brilliantly!) and then had to search for something hidden at the top a hill...
Eventually, we found a tower hidden in the woods! Very exciting! I'm really thankful to Dan for doing the tasks for us - it really made us explore so much more of the countryside round about us, and see new places.
Cycling back through our nearest village, Billio - full of gorgeous flowers (but never any people!!)
 The boys are very fond of our new neighbours' pets!
Oh, my favourite flowers in my favourite place... blue hydrangeas in Yvon's wood...
 Dad's latest project - building a wall along the back of the kitchen.
 And more of our neighbours' pets!
The boys with their new friend Benjamin. He was staying with relatives living near to us. It didn't matter that they know almost none of each other's languages! (I did make them a sheet though with a few simple words and phrases - 'play', 'bike', 'how do you say...' etc.)
 Sitting in the sun

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Glad you're blogging again, keep it up - I miss your blog!