Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Camp Day 3

On Wednesday 3rd August, we met up with the boys again, and did an all day hike with about 150 of us, starting off along Curbar Edge. We had glorious weather again, and fabulous scenery.
At the park where we stopped for lunch.
After lunch we stopped at the nearby river, and got well and truly soaked! It was a welcome refreshment.
I'd also hurt my leg earlier on the hike, getting it stuck down a crevice on the cliffs. It swelled up beautifully!
At the very end of the hike, we walked from the level of the river, right up to the top of Curbar edge again! I think quite a few people found it tough going!
As I got back to the carpark where everyone was meeting, one of the girls was very ill, having what seemed like a fit. We called an ambulance, and I followed behind with the girl's sister and another friend. The girl recovered OK - they think it was something related to her heart, which needs to be investigated further. We spent several hours at Chesterfield Royal Infirmary - President Hirst had come along too, and after we knew the danger had passed, was highly entertaining. After a while the girl's parents came and took her and her sister home. I got back to camp at about midnight, and raided the kitchen for a midnight feast.

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