Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Camp Day 1

Lucy and I set off to Derbyshire for the girls' camp, first thing on Monday 1st August. After so much planning and thinking about it, I was mainly worried whether or not we would all fit in the site! I had booked a scout camp site all to ourselves, based on numbers of girls attending things in the past, and how many girls go to church. I had thought about 50 people maximum, but we ended up having nearer 70 people! I was so happy and relieved when everyone started arriving at the site, and putting up tents - we all fit on... just!! Our site was a beautiful wooded area (though with not much pitching space), just outside Matlock. 
After everyone was settled, we headed out on a 'little stroll' (The girls won't let me forget that I called it was a pretty decent hike really! Me calling things 'just a little stroll' became a bit of a camp joke.) What beautiful countryside.

Yay!! - all my girlies!
In the evening, we had a camp fire... didn't get to use any of the several million marshmallows I'd bought though because it was such a face-melter!

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