Sunday, 9 October 2011

Camp Day 4

On Thursday 4th August, all the girls camp headed over to Chatsworth House. We had a great time just messing around in the beautiful gardens and enjoying the scenery. It was our only damp day - just a bit of very light drizzle - we were SO lucky with the weather on this camp. We all got wet anyway though, in the fantastic water feature!
Lucy and some of her best friends.
In the evening, we went on another stroll (hike) with Jim - this time badger hunting... we saw neither hide nor hair of one, but decided it was probably a good job, after Jim's tales of how ferocious they are!! More gorgeous scenery.
Back at camp, we had skits... here is one group of girls doing their 'Yoga' skit... this is the 'Sister Cryer position' (where you slowly hold up your camera, then fall backwards into a hole...) All of the skits were genuinely hilarious... I laughed to the point of tears!
Following skits, we all went and sat round the camp fire, and had our Testimony Meeting. It was truly the highlight of camp - girls and leaders alike got up one after another for nearly 2 hours, each sharing their individual beliefs and thoughts about the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Spirit was there so strongly, it was like there was a force-field around us. A very, very special time.

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