Sunday, 16 August 2009

Home again! / The journey to France

We're home! There is washing in the washing machine, the car is unpacked, the post is all in the recycling bin, and the garden has been harvested! I hardly know how to sum up what has been a very action packed and seemingly long holiday - I'm just going to add photos a few per posting.
The journey out was long!! We enjoyed being in the 'Club Lounge' on the ferry - very comfy and uncrowded, with waitresses making me nice hot chocolates... followed by a six hour drive (we only had one 10 minute break in the middle) - the kids were great as they usually are on these big long journeys. Half way there on the French side - the bridges at Le Havre
In the last hour the kids played with my camera to keep themselves amused...
When we arrived at Bel-Air (the name of our house), Mum, Dad, John and Hannah were there already. A fun reunion!

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