Monday, 17 August 2009

Super U (pronounced 'Sue-pear Oooooooooooooo'), The Wood of Love & Swimming

We all love Super U! (See title for correct pronunciation!!) We have to go at least every other day to get out fresh 'pain' (no - not baguettes - they are just that bit too skinny) I am always slightly in dread of taking Harry in though - he is a bit of a demon with the mini trolleys. We went back to The Wood of Love again in Josselin on the 8th. I did have an ulterior motive though - the wood is not far from a little old antiques (junk) place that John told me about. Lucy and I paid a visit and I came away with an old wooden shoe mold used by shoe makers. I'm very proud of the the fact that I haggled the price down - in French! A little bamboo 'house' that I like Lucy killing hersalf laughing after rolling down a very big hill. (All the kids were totally filthy afterwards) Swimming in the afternoon at the outdoor pool at couple of miles down the road (and only Speedos allowed on males)

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