Monday, 17 August 2009

More boat fun

Only half of us made it to church, the first Sunday in France - Harry was sick in the car, so he, Scott and Jack went back home, and the rest of us went in Dad's car who was driving in front. My favourite thing about church in France is singing the hymns - we don't understand much else! It was Testimony meeting though, and though I didn't know what was said, I could feel the spirit of some of the testimonies.
After church we went for a trip on the boat again.
A picture of Scott being on lock duty. Normally someone comes and does all the winding involved for you, but noone seemed around so Scott did it. It's quite funny going through the locks because you become a tourist attraction - it's a bit embarrassing! Lock duty must have taken its toll...The kids took turns steering the boat. Lucy even made it safely under some bridge arches. Me on rope duty in another lock

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