Monday, 17 August 2009

Yvon's Wood, Loser Land (or something like that) and DISASTER

Scenes from around Yvon's wood which we have permission to go in whenever we want - it is just down the end of the lane from Bel-Air. Dad got up while there was still mist around in the morning and took the top picture - gorgeous. I forgot to bring my map of all the paths in the wood that I have worked on on previous holidays, but Scott helped me measure the length of some of the paths using his GPS watch thing. I want to get a pretty accurate map eventually. Lucy and I took the rest of the pictures when we had gone out to get blackberries. I have discovered that a big handful of blackberries, a chopped banana and a raspberry yogurt go very well together, and dragged kids to go blackberry picking with me down the lane most days after that.I LOVE all the blue hydrangeas that are everywhere in this region. Yvon has planted lots in the wood too.
On 10th August we went to a place further south that sounds something like Loser Land (Loisier or something) Scott's just read all this lot and said it was called something else altogether. Oh well. It was a fantastic place with tonnes of inflatable stuff, go karts, funny bikes, woodland assault course etc. and the best bit was adults could go on everything too! Scott has been semi-seriously drawing up plans for opening up his own one here in England, ever since... Some little girls hung around Scott because he would do massive dives and make them go flying! Beware flying child:
Then something pretty terrible for me happened... MY CAMERA BROKE. I have no camera. I feel very uncomfortable without it - it is basically my memory. I have warned Scott that I will be getting a new (and possibly horrifically expensive) camera ASAP. I see my life in pictures, but maybe it's a good thing to be without a camera for a bit - a reminder to live my life, not just photograph it.

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