Monday, 17 August 2009

Windsurfing at Lac au Duc & Friendly Locals

Another thing I was hoping to do this holiday, as well as surf, was windsurf. I did some when I was a teenager, when Dad was getting in to it, but haven't been for about 17 or 18 years (this is where I begin to realise I am getting old!) We went to Lac au Duc on the 7th - a fabulous lake about half an hour away, where you don't need to be a member - you just turn up and use it. I had a brilliant time - sometimes hanging onto the boom for dear life with my backside nearly skimming the water when the wind got up - I can still do it!!!
Lucy, Tom and I also went in the kayak and paddled to the other side of the lake and back. The next day I totally ached all over, and had worn a hole in the palm of my hand from windsurfing. Worth it though! Harry at the park
Dad and Lucy windsurfing. This was Lucy's first ever go at windsurfing!! She did brilliantly and loved it!
Dad with yet another toy back at Bel-Air!
These pictures make me laugh so hard every time I see them... This is a good example of why my French has had to get a lot more confident this holiday - my Dad's friendliness far outweighs his language abilities. He invites people into the house, and tries to communicate not entirely straightforward things with all sorts of people, and then Scott and I end up using our also limited language skills to try and enlighten things. It is so much fun though!!
Here is Clement, a local farmer who was passing by in his car and pulled over for a 'chat'. He used to live in Bel-Air when he was a child, and when our kitchen used to be used for milking cows. I'm not entirely sure how we got onto the subject of height, but here are Dad, Scott and Clement measuring each other. I was just killing myself with laughter. I've said to Scott that the majority of our French will have been learnt by talking to partly drunk old Bretton farmers who don't speak a word of English...

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